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Concordia University - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Québec Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Building Engineering  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Aerospace Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Mechanical Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Industrial Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Quality Systems Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;Co-op;
Civil Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Building Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Mechanical Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Industrial Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Quality Systems Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Building Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Civil Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Industrial Engineering  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Information & Systems Engineering  Doctorate;
Building Engineering  Certificate;
Environmental Engineering  Certificate;
Mechanical Engineering  Certificate;
Innovation, Technology and Society  Certificate;
Robert Gordon University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Offshore Renewables  Master;
Oil and Gas Engineering  Master;
Energy & Sustainability  Master;
Information Engineering  Master;
Petroleum Production Engineering  Master;
Subsea Engineering  Master;
Design Management  Master;
Architecture (Part 2)  Master;
Architectural Studies  Master;
Commercial Practice for the Energy Sectors  Master;
Visualisation in Architecture and the Built Environment  Master;
Drilling and Well Engineering  Master;
Swansea University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Civil Engineering  Master;
Engineering  Doctorate;
Electronic and Electrical Engineering  Master;
Electronic and Electrical Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Simulation in Engineering and Entrepreneurship Development  Doctorate;
Medical Engineering  Master;
Materials Engineering  Master;
Materials Engineering  Doctorate;
Materials Engineering (MRes)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Electronic and Electrical Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Aerospace Engineering  Master;
Aerospace Engineering  Doctorate;
Aerospace Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Computer Modelling in Engineering  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Chemical Engineering  Master;
Chemical Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Materials Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Medical Engineering (with a Year in Industry)  Master;Co-op;
Geographic Information and Climate Change  Master;
Gerontology and Ageing Studies  Post-diploma;
Power Engineering and Sustainable Energy  Master;
Communications Engineering  Master;
Computational Mechanics  Master;
Computer Modelling and Finite Elements in Engineering Mechanics  Master;
Computer Modelling and Finite Elements in Engineering Mechanics  Post-diploma;
University of New Brunswick - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School New Brunswick Chemical Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (MScE)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering  Doctorate;
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (MScE)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MScE)  Master;
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Chemical Engineering (MScE)  Master;
Civil Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering (MScE)  Master;
Acadia University - Division of Research and Graduate Studies
Graduate School Nova Scotia Applied Geomatics  Master;
Algonquin College - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Ontario Geographic Information Systems (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Green Architecture (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Arizona State University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Arizona Enterprise Systems Innovation & Management (M.S.E.)  Master;Online;
MBA / MSE - Electrical Engineering  Master;Online;
Construction (M.S.)  Master;Online;
Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.)  Master;Online;
MBA / MSE - Industrial Engineering  Master;Online;
Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;Online;
Materials Science and Engineering (M.S.E.)  Master;Online;
Semiconductor Processing and Packaging (M.S.E.)  Master;Online;
Industrial Engineering (M.S.E.)  Master;Online;
Athabasca University - Centre for Innovative Management
Business School Alberta No Program(s) present.
Bond University
University Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Development and Sustainability  Post-diploma;
Master of Urban Planning  Master;
Graduate Certificate of Urban Planning  Certificate;
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Planning  Post-diploma;
Master of Urban Development & Sustainability  Master;
Graduate Certificate in Urban Development & Sustainability  Certificate;
Master of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying  Master;
Master of Sustainable Development  Master;
Doctor of Philosophy (School of Sustainable Development)  Doctorate;
Master of Urban Planning (Professional)  Master;
Master of Urban Development & Sustainability (Professional)  Master;
Brandon University - Graduate Studies
Graduate School Manitoba Rural Development  Post-diploma;
Rural Development  Master;
Carleton University - Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Graduate School Ontario Aerospace Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Civil Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Aerospace Engineering  Doctorate;
Architectural Studies  Master;
Environmental Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Environmental Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Architecture  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Master;
Technology Innovation Management-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Aerospace Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Mechanical Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Civil Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Environmental Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Mechanical Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Technology Innovation Management-M.Eng.  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Architectural Conservation  Diploma;
Human-Computer Interaction (M.A.)  Master;
Human-Computer Interaction (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Design  Master;
Human-Computer Interaction (M.C.S.)  Master;
Dalhousie Medical School
Medical School Nova Scotia Biomedical Engineering (M.ASc.)  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
Dalhousie University - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Nova Scotia Biological Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Biological Engineering  Doctorate;
Chemical Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil and Resource Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Civil and Resource Engineering  Doctorate;
Engineering Mathematics  Master;
Planning  Master;Co-op;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Engineering Mathematics  Doctorate;
Materials Engineering  Doctorate;
Architecture (MArch)  Master;Co-op;
Environmental Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Internetworking  Master;
Mineral Resource Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Mineral Resource Engineering  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Materials Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Industrial Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Industrial Engineering  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering (M.ASc.)  Master;
Chemical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Mineral Resource Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Biological Engineering (M.ASc.)  Master;
Civil and Resource Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Planning Studies  Master;Co-op;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Environmental Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Industrial Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Materials Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Architecture - Environmental Design Studies (MEDS)  Master;Co-op;
Architecture (Post-Professional) (MArch (Post-Prof.))  Master;Co-op;
Dalhousie University - Rowe School of Business
Business School Nova Scotia Master of Business Administration/Master of Engineering (MBA/MEng)  Master;
École Polytechnique de Montréal - Cycles supérieurs
Graduate School Québec Génie aérospatial  Master;
Génie biomédical  Master;
Génie biomédical  Doctorate;
Génie chimique  Master;
Génie chimique  Doctorate;
Génie civil  Master;
Génie civil  Doctorate;
Génie électrique - Option Electronique  Master;
Génie électrique  Doctorate;
Génie énergétique  Master;
Génie industriel - Option Ergonomie  Master;
Génie mécanique  Master;
Génie mécanique  Doctorate;
Génie métallurgique  Master;
Génie métallurgique  Doctorate;
Génie minéral  Master;
Génie minéral  Doctorate;
Génie nucléaire  Doctorate;
Génie physique  Master;
Génie physique  Doctorate;
Génie informatique - Option Réseautique  Master;
Génie mécanique - Option Design et analyse  Master;
Génie Métallurgique - Option Matériaux  Master;
Génie physique - Option Matériaux  Master;
Génie industriel - Option Gestion de projets technologiques  Master;
Génie industriel - Option Production à valeur ajoutée  Master;
Génie informatique  Doctorate;
Génie mécanique - Option Fabrication  Master;
Génie mécanique - Option Matériaux et structures  Master;
Génie électrique - Option Télécommunications  Master;
Génie industriel - Option Logistique  Master;
Génie industriel - Option Management de la technologie  Master;
Génie mécanique - Option Matériaux  Master;
Génie mécanique - Option Matériaux composites  Master;
Génie mécanique - Option Mécanique numérique  Master;
Génie chimique - Option matériaux  Master;
Génie industriel  Doctorate;
Génie industriel  Master;
Génie chimique - Option Energie et développement durable  Master;
Génie industriel - Option Résilience organisationnelle  Master;
Génie chimique - Option Procédés et environnement  Master;
Génie civil - Option Gestion des projets d'ingénierie civile  Master;
Génie civil - Option Génie de l'environnement  Master;
Génie industriel - Option Ingénierie des systèmes de santé  Master;
Génie énergétique - Option Génie nucléaire  Master;
Faculté de médecine de l'Université de Montréal
Medical School Québec Génie biomédical  Doctorate;
Génie biomédical (M.Sc.A.)  Master;
Graduate Studies at University of Waterloo
Graduate School Ontario Chemical Engineering  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering  Master;
Mechanical ad Mechatronics Engineering  Doctorate;
Systems Design Engineering  Master;
Systems Design Engineering  Doctorate;
Planning  Master;
Planning  Doctorate;
Architecture  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Quantum Information)  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (Nuclear Engineering)  Master;
Civil Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary
Business School Alberta Sustainable Energy Development  Master;
Lakehead University - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Control Engineering (M.Sc. Eng.)  Master;
Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.Sc Eng.)  Master;
Laurentian University/Université Laurentienne - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Science Communication  Post-diploma;
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