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Concordia University - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Québec Art Education  Doctorate;
Art Education  Master;
History and Philosophy of Religion  Master;
Traduction  Post-diploma;
Educational Studies  Master;
Educational Technology  Master;
Traductologie/Translation Studies  Master;
Instructional Technology  Post-diploma;
Public Policy and Public Administration  Master;
Religion  Doctorate;
Community Economic Development  Post-diploma;
Child Studies  Master;Co-op;
Education  Doctorate;
Individualized Program (M.A., M.Sc.)  Master;
Individualized Program (INDI)  Doctorate;
Youth Work  Post-diploma;
Anglais-français en langue et techniques de localisation  Certificate;
Développement économique communautaire  Post-diploma;
Nipissing University - Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Education  Master;
Educational Sustainability  Doctorate;
Robert Gordon University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Public Administration  Master;
Social Work  Master;
Swansea University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Adult Continuing Education  Master;
Children and Young People  Doctorate;
Children and Young People  Master;
Development Studies  Master;
Development Studies  Doctorate;
Translation  Master;
Professional Practice  Doctorate;
Literary Translation  Master;
Translation  Doctorate;
Education for the Health Professions  Doctorate;
Education for the Health Professions  Master;
Health Sciences  Master;
Health Sciences  Doctorate;
International Development  Master;
International Relations  Master;
International Relations (MA)  Master;
Social Policy  Doctorate;
Social Policy  Master;
Social Work and Social Care  Master;
Social Work and Social Care  Doctorate;
Politics and International Relations  Master;
Politics and International Relations  Doctorate;
Social Work  Master;
TESOL  Master;
TESOL  Post-diploma;
Translation and Interpreting  Master;
International Security and Development  Master;
Long Term and Chronic Conditions Management  Master;
Professional Translation  Master;
Public Policy  Master;
Applied Criminal Justice & Criminology  Master;
Advanced Critical Care Practice  Master;
Advanced Critical Care Practice  Post-diploma;
Advanced Practice in Health Care  Post-diploma;
Advanced Practice in Health Care  Master;
Child Public Health  Master;
Child Public Health  Post-diploma;
Childhood Studies  Post-diploma;
Childhood Studies  Master;
Chinese-English Translation and Language Teaching  Master;
Community and Primary Healthcare Practice  Master;
Community and Primary Healthcare Practice  Post-diploma;
Development and Human Rights  Master;
Enhanced Professional Practice  Master;
Enhanced Professional Practice  Post-diploma;
Taylor College and Seminary
Graduate School Alberta TESOL Studies  Diploma;
University of Lethbridge - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Alberta Religious Studies  Master;
Education Leadership (M.Ed)  Master;
Counselling Psychology (M.Ed)  Master;
Health Sciences  Master;
Counselling  Master;Distance;
Education  Master;
Individualized Multidisciplinary (M.A.)  Master;
Curriculum and Assessment (M.Ed)  Master;
Education - Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum Concentration  Doctorate;
Education - Formal and Distributive Leadership  Doctorate;
Individualized Multidisciplinary (M.Sc.)  Master;
Learning, Teaching & Neuroscience (M.Ed)  Master;
University of New Brunswick - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School New Brunswick Interdisciplinary Studies  Doctorate;
Interdisciplinary Studies  Master;
Education (M.Ed.)  Master;
Education Studies (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Applied Health Services Research  Master;
University of Northern British Columbia - Office of Graduate Programs
Graduate School British Columbia Health Sciences (MSc)  Master;
Gender Studies (MA)  Master;
Interdisciplinary Studies (MA, MSc)  Master;
Social Work (M.S.W.)  Master;
Disability Management (MA)  Master;
Education - Multidisciplinary Leadership (MEd)  Master;
Development Economics (MA)  Master;
Education - Special Education (MEd)  Master;
Health Sciences (PhD)  Doctorate;
Yorkville University
Graduate School New Brunswick Counselling Psychology  Master;Online;
Adult Education  Master;Online;
Educational Leadership  Master;Online;
Acadia University - Division of Research and Graduate Studies
Graduate School Nova Scotia Curriculum Studies - General  Master;
Inclusive Education  Master;
Counselling  Master;
Leadership  Master;
Curriculum Studies - Part Time - Science, Math, and Technology  Master;
Curriculum Studies - Science, Math, and Technology  Master;
Curriculum Studies - Learning and Technology  Master;
Curriculum Studies - Part Time - Creativity  Master;
Curriculum Studies - Part Time - Health Interprofessionals  Master;
Inclusive Education - Part Time  Master;
Curriculum Studies - Part Time - General  Master;
Curriculum Studies - Part Time - Music Education  Master;
Curriculum Studies - Part Time - Learning and Technology  Master;
Leadership - Part Time  Master;
Educational Studies  Doctorate;
Adler University (Chicago Campus)
Graduate School Illinois Substance Abuse Counselling  Certificate;
Master of Arts in Counseling: Specialization in Rehabilitation Counseling  Master;
Marriage & Family Therapy  Certificate;
Master of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy  Master;
Master of Arts in Emergency Management Leadership  Master;Online; Distance;
Masters in Nonprofit Management  Master;Online; Distance;
Master of Public Administration: Criminal Justice  Master;
Master of Public Administration: Sustainable Communities  Master;
Master of Public Policy: Community Health  Master;
Master of Public Policy: Human Rights Advocacy  Master;
Adler University (Vancouver Campus)
Graduate School British Columbia Master of Public Policy and Administration: Immigration Policy & Practice  Master;
Master of Public Policy and Administration: Social Change Leadership  Master;
Algonquin College - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Ontario Teachers of English as a Second/Foreign Language (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Autism and Behavioural Science Program Full-Time Online  Certificate;
Nonprofit Sector Management  Certificate;
Arizona State University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Arizona Curriculum & Instruction/Concentration in Early Childhood Education (M.Ed.)  Master;Online;
Curriculum & Instruction-English as a Second Language (ESL) or Bilingual Education (BLE) (M.A.)  Master;Online;
Geographic Education (M.Sc.)  Master;Online;
Criminal Justice (M.A.)  Master;Online;
Athabasca University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Alberta Distance Education  Master;Distance;
Health Studies  Master;Distance;
Integrated Studies  Master;Distance;
Distance Education Technology  Post-diploma;Distance;
Instructional Design  Post-diploma;Distance;
Instructional Design  Certificate;Distance;
Distance Education  Doctorate;Distance;
Bishop's University - Graduate
Graduate School Québec Education: Leadership, Societies and Language (M.Ed.)  Master;Online;
Education: Leadership, Societies and Language (M.A.)  Master;Online;
Bond University
University Postgraduate Diploma in TESOL  Post-diploma;
Master of Forensic Science  Master;
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Development and Sustainability  Post-diploma;
Master of International Relations  Master;
Master of Urban Planning  Master;
Postgraduate Diploma in LOTE  Post-diploma;
Master of Arts (Language Teaching TESOL)  Master;
Graduate Certificate of Urban Planning  Certificate;
Master of Science by Research (Health Sciences)  Master;
Graduate Certificate in TESOL  Certificate;
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Planning  Post-diploma;
Master of Urban Development & Sustainability  Master;
Graduate Certificate in Urban Development & Sustainability  Certificate;
Master of Arts (Language Teaching LOTE)  Master;
Master of Arts (Research)  Master;
Master of International Relations (Business)  Master;
Master of International Relations (Laws)  Master;
Master of International Relations (Professional)  Master;
Master of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying  Master;
Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations  Post-diploma;
Master of Sustainable Development  Master;
Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities and Social Sciences)  Doctorate;
Doctor of Philosophy (School of Sustainable Development)  Doctorate;
Master of Urban Planning (Professional)  Master;
Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences)  Doctorate;
Master of Urban Development & Sustainability (Professional)  Master;
Brandon University - Graduate Studies
Graduate School Manitoba Education  Master;
Music  Master;
Education  Post-diploma;
Rural Development  Post-diploma;
Rural Development  Master;
Brock University - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario MEd Master of Education  Master;
PhD in Educational Studies (Joint Program)  Doctorate;
MA in Applied Health Sciences - Health and Physical Education  Master;
MA in Applied Health Sciences - Community Health  Master;
PhD in Applied Health Sciences - Health Biosciences  Doctorate;
MSc in Health Sciences  Master;
MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL Direct Entry)  Master;
MEd Master of Education - ISP  Master;
MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies  Master;
MA in Applied Health Sciences - Leisure Studies  Master;
PhD in Applied Health Sciences - Social and Cultural Health Studies  Doctorate;
PhD in Applied Health Sciences - Behavioural and Population Health  Doctorate;
MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL Bridged Entry)  Master;
Canada Christian College - Graduate Degree Programs
Graduate School Ontario Divinity (M.Div.)  Master;
Christian Counselling (M.C.C.)  Master;
Christian Counselling (D.C.C.)  Doctorate;
Sacred Music (D.S.M.)  Doctorate;
Sacred Music (M.S.M.)  Master;
Ministry (D.Min.)  Doctorate;
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