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Swansea University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Wales Adult Continuing Education  Master;
Economics  Master;
Civil Engineering  Master;
Philosophy (MA)  Master;
Biological Sciences  Master;
German (MA)  Master;
Human Geography  Master;
Chemistry  Master;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
Classics  Master;
Welsh (MA)  Master;
Classics  Doctorate;
Communication Systems  Master;
Engineering  Doctorate;
Egyptology  Doctorate;
American Studies  Master;
American Studies  Doctorate;
American Studies (MA)  Master;
Ancient History  Master;
Antimatter Physics  Master;
Economics  Doctorate;
Electronic and Electrical Engineering  Master;
Electronic and Electrical Engineering  Doctorate;
English  Doctorate;
Environmental Dynamics  Master;
Gerontology and Ageing Studies  Master;
Global Migration  Master;
Children and Young People  Doctorate;
Children and Young People  Master;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Creative Writing  Master;
Desalination and Water Re-use  Master;
Development Studies  Master;
Development Studies  Doctorate;
Health Informatics  Master;
Applied Linguistics  Doctorate;
Simulation in Engineering and Entrepreneurship Development  Doctorate;
Translation  Master;
Urban Studies  Master;
Professional Practice  Doctorate;
Welsh  Master;
Spanish  Master;
Sports Science  Master;
Sports Science  Doctorate;
Medical Engineering  Master;
Health Policy  Master;
Human Geography  Doctorate;
Latin American Studies  Master;
Lattice Gauge Theory  Master;
Literary Translation  Master;
Logic and Computation  Master;
Materials Engineering  Master;
Materials Engineering  Doctorate;
Materials Engineering (MRes)  Master;
Mathematics  Master;
Mathematics  Doctorate;
Mathematics (MSc.)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Media Studies  Master;
Health Policy  Doctorate;
Health Psychology  Doctorate;
Media Geographies  Master;
Mental Health  Master;
Mental Health  Doctorate;
Nanoscience to Nanotechnology  Master;
Nanotechnology (Physics)  Master;
Nanotechnology  Master;
Nanotechnology  Doctorate;
Nanotechnology (MSc)  Master;
Nursing  Master;
Nursing  Doctorate;
Medical and Health Care Studies (PhD)  Doctorate;
Medical and Health Care Studies  Master;
Medical and Health Care Studies (MSc)  Master;
Medicine and Life Sciences  Master;
Membrane Technology  Master;
Translation  Doctorate;
Education for the Health Professions  Doctorate;
Education for the Health Professions  Master;
Electronic and Electrical Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Healthcare Management  Master;
Hispanic Studies  Master;
Hispanic Studies  Doctorate;
Aerospace Engineering  Master;
Aerospace Engineering  Doctorate;
Aerospace Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Cold Atoms and Quantum Optics  Master;
Computer Modelling in Engineering  Master;
Computer Science  Master;
Computer Science (MSc)  Master;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
Computing and Future Interaction Technologies  Master;
European Cultures  Master;
Management  Doctorate;
French  Doctorate;
French  Master;
Fuel Technology  Master;
Gerontology and Ageing Studies  Doctorate;
Glaciology  Master;
Global Environmental Modelling  Master;
Digital Media  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Chemical Engineering  Master;
Chemical Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Biological Sciences  Doctorate;
Biosciences  Master;
Management  Master;
Business Management  Master;
Creative Writing  Doctorate;
Criminology  Master;
Criminology  Doctorate;
Digital Humanities  Master;
Applied Analytical Science  Master;
Digital Media (MA)  Master;
Earth Observation  Master;
Human Computer Interaction  Master;
International Maritime Law  Master;
International Trade Law  Master;
International Commercial Law  Master;
International Commercial and Maritime Law  Master;
Intellectual Property & Commercial Practice  Master;
Oil and Gas Law  Master;
Life Science and Healthcare Enterprise  Master;
Materials Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Media and Communication Studies  Master;
Media and Communication Studies  Doctorate;
Medical Engineering (with a Year in Industry)  Master;Co-op;
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine  Master;
Medical and Health Care Studies (MD)  Doctorate;
Health Economics  Master;
Health Economics  Doctorate;
Health Humanities  Doctorate;
Health Humanities  Master;
Health Psychology  Master;
Health Sciences  Master;
Health Sciences  Doctorate;
Healthcare Management  Doctorate;
International Development  Master;
International Relations  Master;
International Relations (MA)  Master;
Italian  Master;
Italian  Doctorate;
Italian (MA)  Master;
Law  Doctorate;
Law  Master;
Laser Physics  Master;
Physical Geography  Master;
Psychology  Doctorate;
Quantum Fields and String  Master;
Social Policy  Doctorate;
Social Policy  Master;
Social Theory and Space  Master;
Social Work and Social Care  Master;
Social Work and Social Care  Doctorate;
Sports Science (MSc)  Master;
Stochastic Processes: Theory and Application  Master;
Theoretical Computer Science  Master;
Theoretical Particle Physics  Master;
Physics  Doctorate;
Physics  Master;
Politics and International Relations  Master;
Politics and International Relations  Doctorate;
Politics (MA)  Master;
Psychology  Master;
Physical Geography  Doctorate;
Public Health  Doctorate;
Public Health  Master;
Visual Computing  Master;
Visual and Interactive Computing  Master;
War and Society  Master;
Welsh  Doctorate;
Applied Linguistics  Master;
Applied Linguistics (MA)  Master;
Classics (MA)  Master;
Egyptology  Master;
German  Master;
German  Doctorate;
English (MA)  Master;
French (MA)  Master;
History  Doctorate;
History  Master;
History (MA)  Master;
Gender and Culture  Master;
Geographic Information and Climate Change  Master;
Gerontology and Ageing Studies  Post-diploma;
Graduate Diploma in Law  Post-diploma;
Legal Practice Course  Post-diploma;
Management (Entrepreneurship)  Master;
Management (Finance)  Master;
Management (International Standards)  Master;
Management (Marketing)  Master;
Management (Operations and Supply Management)  Master;
Management (e-Business)  Master;
Mathematics and Computing for Finance  Master;
MB BCh Graduate Entry Medicine  Bachelor;
Medieval Studies  Master;
Social Work  Master;
TESOL  Master;
TESOL  Post-diploma;
Translation and Interpreting  Master;
Erasmus Mundus Journalism, Media and Globalisation  Master;
Leadership, Management and Innovation in Health Care  Master;
Medieval Studies  Post-diploma;
Modern History  Master;
International Journalism  Master;
International Security and Development  Master;
Investment Management  Master;
Long Term and Chronic Conditions Management  Master;
Management (Business Analytics)  Master;
Management (Human Resource Management)  Master;
Management (International Management)  Master;
Power Engineering and Sustainable Energy  Master;
Professional Translation  Master;
Public Health and Health Promotion  Master;
Public Health and Health Promotion  Post-diploma;
Public Policy  Master;
Research Methods in Psychology  Master;
Research Methods in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience  Master;
Social Research Methods  Master;
Welsh Writing in English  Master;
Business Management  Doctorate;
Legal Practice and Advanced Drafting  Master;
Applied Criminal Justice & Criminology  Master;
Staging / Screening Europe  Master;
Abnormal and Clinical Psychology  Master;
Accounting and Finance  Master;
Advanced Computer Science  Master;
Advanced Critical Care Practice  Master;
Advanced Critical Care Practice  Post-diploma;
Advanced Practice in Health Care  Post-diploma;
Advanced Practice in Health Care  Master;
Advanced Software Technology  Master;
Advanced Specialist Blood Transfusion  Master;
Advanced Specialist Blood Transfusion  Post-diploma;
Ancient Egyptian Culture  Master;
Ancient History and Classical Culture  Master;
Ancient Narrative Literature  Master;
Child Public Health  Master;
Child Public Health  Post-diploma;
Childhood Studies  Post-diploma;
Childhood Studies  Master;
Chinese-English Translation and Language Teaching  Master;
Communication, Media Practice and PR  Master;
Communications Engineering  Master;
Community and Primary Healthcare Practice  Master;
Community and Primary Healthcare Practice  Post-diploma;
Computational Mechanics  Master;
Computer Modelling and Finite Elements in Engineering Mechanics  Master;
Computer Modelling and Finite Elements in Engineering Mechanics  Post-diploma;
Development and Human Rights  Master;
Developmental and Therapeutic Play  Master;
Developmental and Therapeutic Play  Post-diploma;
Enhanced Professional Midwifery Practice  Master;
Early Modern History  Master;
English Literature  Master;
Enhanced Professional Midwifery Practice  Post-diploma;
Enhanced Professional Practice  Master;
Enhanced Professional Practice  Post-diploma;
Environmental Biology: Conservation & Resource Management  Master;
Environmental Dynamics and Climate Change  Master;
Finance  Master;
Finance and Business Analytics  Master;
Financial Management  Master;
Financial Management  Post-diploma;
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