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Adler University (Vancouver Campus)
Graduate School British Columbia Counselling Psychology (M.A.C.)  Master;
Organizational Psychology (M.A.O.P.)  Master;
Counselling Psychology (M.C.P. non-thesis)  Master;
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)  Doctorate;
Master of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy  Master;
Master of Public Policy and Administration: Immigration Policy & Practice  Master;
Master of Public Policy and Administration: Social Change Leadership  Master;
Emily Carr University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School British Columbia Master of Applied Arts - Design  Master;
Master of Applied Arts - Media Arts  Master;
Master of Applied Arts - Visual Arts  Master;
Master of Applied Arts - Visual Arts and Media Arts (Low Residency)  Master;Online; Distance;
Digital Media  Master;
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) - Vancouver
Graduate School British Columbia Master of Science in Information, Network, and Computer Security  Master;
Master of Business Administration  Master;
The University of British Columbia - Faculty of Dentistry
Dental School British Columbia Doctor of Dental Medicine  Doctorate;
General Practice Residency (GPR) Training Program  Certificate;
Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology (OMOP) Hospital Residency  Certificate;
Craniofacial Science  Doctorate;
Craniofacial Science and Pediatric Dentistry (MSc and Diploma)  Master;
Craniofacial Science and Prosthodontics (MSc and Diploma)  Master;
Craniofacial Science and Orthodontics (PhD and Diploma)  Doctorate;
Craniofacial Science and Endodontics (MSc and Diploma)  Master;
Craniofacial Science and Prosthodontics (PhD and Diploma)  Doctorate;
Craniofacial Science and Orthodontics (MSc and Diploma)  Master;
Craniofacial Science and Pediatric Dentistry (PhD and Diploma)  Doctorate;
Craniofacial Science  Master;
Craniofacial Science and Periodontics (MSc and Diploma)  Master;
Craniofacial Science and Periodontics (PhD and Diploma)  Doctorate;
Craniofacial Science and Endodontics (PhD and Diploma)  Doctorate;
The University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law
Law School British Columbia Joint LL.B./M.B.A.  Bachelor;
Joint LL.B./M.A. in Asia Pacific Policy Studies  Bachelor;
Law (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Common Law (LL.M.)  Master;
Law (LL.M.)  Master;
The University of British Columbia - Faculty of Medicine
Medical School British Columbia Nursing (MSN)  Master;
Nursing  Doctorate;
Occupational Therapy (MOT)  Master;
Physical Therapy (MPT)  Master;
Rehabilitation Sciences (MSc)  Master;
Medicine (MD)  Doctorate;
Medical Laboratory Science (B.M.L.Sc.)  Bachelor;
Rehabilitation Sciences  Master;
Audiology & Speech Sciences  Master;
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine  Master;
Anesthesia  Master;
Rehabilitation Sciences  Doctorate;
Radiology  Master;
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Doctorate;
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine  Doctorate;
Medical Genetics  Doctorate;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Medicine (PhD)  Doctorate;
Audiology & Speech Sciences  Doctorate;
Ophthamology and Visual Sciences  Master;
Orthopaedics  Master;
Pediatrics  Master;
Pharmacology and Therapeutics  Doctorate;
Medical Genetics  Master;
Psychiatry  Master;
Surgery  Master;
Pharmacology and Therapeutics  Master;
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Master;
Medicine (M.D./Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Nursing - Nurse Practitioner (MN-NP)  Master;
The University of British Columbia - Sauder School of Business
Business School British Columbia Business Administration - Accounting  Doctorate;
Management - Operations Research  Master;
Business Administration (MBA)  Master;
Health Administration  Master;
Business Administration - Finance  Doctorate;
Business Administration (MSc) - Management Information Systems  Master;
Business Administration (International MBA)  Master;
Business Administration - Management Science  Doctorate;
Business Administration - Marketing  Doctorate;
Business Administration (MSc) - Transportation and Logistics  Master;
Business Administration (MSc) - Finance  Master;
Business Administration - Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources  Doctorate;
Business Administration - Strategy and Business Economics  Doctorate;
Business Administration - Real Estate and Urban Economics  Doctorate;
Business Administration - Management Information Systems  Doctorate;
The University of British Columbia - Vancouver - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate School British Columbia Agricultural Economics (MSc)  Master;
Animal Science (MSc)  Master;
Human Nutrition (MSc)  Master;
Architecture (MARCH)  Master;
Advanced Studies in Architecture (MASA)  Master;
Kinesiology (MA, MHK, MSc)  Master;
Language and Literacy Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Language and Literacy Education  Doctorate;
Modern Languages Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Teaching English as a Second Language  Doctorate;
Teaching English as a Second Language (MA, MEd)  Master;
Teacher-Librarianship (MA, MEd)  Master;
Educational Studies  Doctorate;
Educational Leadership and Policy  Doctorate;
Social Work (Foundation) (MSW)  Master;
Music (MA, MMus)  Master;
Library and Information Studies (MLIS)  Master;
Theatre (MA, MFA)  Master;
Theatre  Doctorate;
Food Science  Doctorate;
Animal Science  Doctorate;
Food Science (MSc)  Master;
Human Nutrition  Doctorate;
Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems (MSc)  Master;
Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems  Doctorate;
Plant Science  Doctorate;
Plant Science (MSc)  Master;
Soil Science  Doctorate;
Soil Science (MSc)  Master;
Food Science (MFS)  Master;
Economics (MA)  Master;
Economics  Doctorate;
Botany (MSc)  Master;
Zoology (MSc)  Master;
Educational Technology (MET)  Master;Online;
Physics  Doctorate;
Astronomy  Doctorate;
Asian Studies (MA)  Master;
Anthropology (MA)  Master;
Asian Studies  Doctorate;
Atmospheric Science (MSc)  Master;
Anthropology  Doctorate;
Astronomy (MSc)  Master;
Physics (MSc)  Master;
Atmospheric Science (MSc)  Master;Co-op;
Bioinformatics  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering (MASc, MEng)  Master;
Botany  Doctorate;
Cell and Developmental Biology (MSc)  Master;
Atmospheric Science  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
Cell and Developmental Biology  Doctorate;
Bioinformatics (MSc)  Master;
Chemical and Biological Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Chemistry (MSc)  Master;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
Chemical and Biological Engineering (MSc)  Master;
Chemical and Biological Engineering  Doctorate;
Chemical and Biological Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Civil Engineering (MASc, MEng)  Master;
Architecture (MARCH)  Master;Co-op;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc, MEng)  Master;
Materials Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Materials Engineering (MASc, MSc)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Landscape Architecture (MLA, MASLA)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering (MASc, MEng)  Master;
Mining Engineering (MASc, MEng)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Mining Engineering  Doctorate;
Archival Studies (MAS)  Master;
Art History  Doctorate;
Children's Literature (MA)  Master;
Library, Archival and Information Studies  Doctorate;
Archival Studies/Library and Information Studies (MAS/MLIS)  Master;
Art History (Critical and Curatorial Studies) (MA)  Master;
Art History (MA)  Master;
Visual Arts (MFA)  Master;
Ancient Culture, Religion and Ethnicity (MA)  Master;
Classics  Doctorate;
Classical Archaeology and Near East Studies (MA)  Master;
Classics (MA)  Master;
Religious Studies (MA)  Master;
Religious Studies  Doctorate;
Creative Writing - Optional Residency (MFA)  Master;Distance;
Creative Writing and Theatre (Playwriting) (MFA)  Master;
Digital Media (MDM)  Master;
Creative Writing (MFA)  Master;
French (MA)  Master;
Hispanic Studies  Doctorate;
Hispanic Studies (MA)  Master;
Film Production (MFA)  Master;
Germanic Studies (MA)  Master;
English (MA)  Master;
English  Doctorate;
Film Studies (MA)  Master;
French  Doctorate;
Germanic Studies  Doctorate;
Geography  Doctorate;
Geography (MA, MSc)  Master;
Journalism (MJ)  Master;
Linguistics  Doctorate;
Psychology (MA)  Master;
Philosophy  Doctorate;
Linguistics (MA)  Master;
Political Science (MA)  Master;
Music (PhD)  Doctorate;
Psychology  Doctorate;
Political Science  Doctorate;
History  Doctorate;
Philosophy (MA)  Master;
History (MA)  Master;
Music (DMA)  Doctorate;
Social Work (Advanced) (MSW)  Master;
Sociology (MA)  Master;
Social Work  Doctorate;
Sociology  Doctorate;
Asia Pacific Policy Studies/Law (MAPPS/JD)  Master;
Asia Pacific Policy Studies/Business (MAPPS/MBA)  Master;
Interdisciplinary Oncology  Doctorate;
Resource Management and Environmental Studies  Doctorate;
Women's and Gender Studies (MA)  Master;
Women's and Gender Studies  Doctorate;
Interdisciplinary Oncology (MSc)  Master;
Planning  Doctorate;
Resource Management and Environmental Studies (MA, MSc)  Master;
Adult Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Art Education (MA, MEd)  Master;Online;
Planning (MAP, MScP)  Master;
Software Systems (MSS)  Master;
Genome Science and Technology (MSc)  Master;
Genome Science and Technology (MSc)  Doctorate;
Adult Learning and Global Change (MEd)  Master;Online;
Counselling Psychology (MA, MEd)  Master;
Curriculum Studies  Doctorate;
Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Curriculum Studies (MA, MEd)  Master;
Counselling Psychology  Doctorate;
Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education  Doctorate;
Educational Administration and Leadership (MA, MEd)  Master;
Early Childhood Education (MA, MEd)  Master;Online;
Home Economics Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Higher Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Mathematics Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology (MA, MEd)  Master;
Kinesiology  Doctorate;
Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology  Doctorate;
Human Development, Learning and Culture (MA, MEd)  Master;
Human Development, Learning and Culture  Doctorate;
Science Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Special Education  Doctorate;
Music Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
School Psychology  Doctorate;
Physical Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Society, Culture and Politics in Education (MEd, MA)  Master;
Special Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Social Studies Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
Technology Studies Education (MA, MEd)  Master;
School Psychology (MA, MEd)  Master;
Forestry  Doctorate;
Interdisciplinary Studies (MA, MSc)  Master;
Interdisciplinary Studies  Doctorate;
Forestry (MSc, MSMF, MF, MIF)  Master;
Mathematics (MA, MSc)  Master;
Geological Engineering  Doctorate;
Engineering Physics (MASc)  Master;
Microbiology and Immunology (MSc)  Master;
Genetic Counselling (MSc)  Master;
Geophysics (MASc, MSc)  Master;
Oceanography  Doctorate;
Microbiology and Immunology  Doctorate;
Computer Science (MSc)  Master;
Engineering Physics  Doctorate;
Oceanography (MSc)  Master;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
Geological Engineering (MASc, MEng)  Master;
Geological Science  Doctorate;
Geophysics  Doctorate;
Geological Sciences (MSc)  Master;
Mathematics  Doctorate;
Statistics (MSc)  Master;
Statistics  Doctorate;
Zoology  Doctorate;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Creative Writing and Film Production and Screenwriting (MFA)  Master;
Neuroscience  Master;
Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Programme  Master;
Audiology and Speech Sciences  Doctorate;
Audiology and Speech Sciences  Master;
Craniofacial Science (MSc)  Master;
Craniofacial Science  Doctorate;
Education in Educational Administration and Leadership and Curriculum Studies (MED)  Master;
Food and Resource Economics (MFRE)  Master;
Environmental Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Mechatronics Design (MEng)  Master;
Museum Education (MMEd)  Master;
Science and Technology Studies (MA)  Master;
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling (MA)  Master;
Vancouver School of Theology - Graduate Programs
Graduate School British Columbia Native Ministries Master of Divinity by Extension Program  Master;
Master of Arts in Theological Studies  Master;
Master of Theology (Th.M.)  Master;
Master of Divinity (M.Div.)  Master;
Master of Divinity (M.Div.)  Master;Honours;
Indigenous and Inter-Religious Studies (M.A.)  Master;
Indigenous and Inter-Religious Studies (Th.M.)  Master;
Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies  Post-diploma;
Public and Pastoral Leadership (M.A.)  Master;
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