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Canada Christian College - Graduate Degree Programs
Graduate School Ontario Theological Studies (M.Th.S.)  Master;
Divinity (M.Div.)  Master;
Christian Counselling (M.C.C.)  Master;
Christian Counselling (D.C.C.)  Doctorate;
Sacred Music (D.S.M.)  Doctorate;
Sacred Music (M.S.M.)  Master;
Ministry (D.Min.)  Doctorate;
Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto
Dental School Ontario Dental Surgery  Doctorate;
Dental Anaesthesia  Master;
Dental Public Health  Master;
Endodontics  Master;
Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine  Master;
Oral Radiology  Master;
Orthodontics  Master;
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Anaesthesia  Master;
Paediatric Dentistry  Master;
Periodontology  Master;
Prosthodontics  Master;
Dentistry  Doctorate;
Dentistry - masters  Master;
International Dentist Advanced Placement Program  Doctorate;
Oral Pathology  Master;
Oral Medicine  Master;
Glendon College - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Ontario Translation Studies  Master;
Public and International Affairs  Master;
Études Françaises  Master;
Osgoode Hall Law School - York University
Law School Ontario Law LLM (full-time)  Master;
Law (PhD)  Doctorate;
Law LLM-Professional Development (part-time)  Master;
Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto
Business School Ontario MBA  Master;
Finance  Master;
Omnium Global Executive MBA  Master;
JD/MBA  Master;
Jeffrey Skoll BASc/MBA  Master;
Executive MBA  Master;
Financial Economics  Master;
Accounting  Doctorate;
Finance  Doctorate;
Marketing  Doctorate;
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management  Doctorate;
Strategic Management  Doctorate;
Operations Management  Doctorate;
Environmental Studies MBA  Master;
Asia-Pacific MBA  Master;
MBA (Morning)  Master;
MBA (Evening)  Master;
Executive MBA/CMA  Master;
Ryerson University - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Chemical Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Spatial Analysis  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Civil Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Communication and Culture  Master;
Computer Networks (MASc)  Master;
Environmental Applied Science and Management  Master;
Photographic Preservation and Collections Management (PPCM)  Master;
Immigration and Settlement Studies  Master;
Early Childhood Education  Master;
Molecular Science  Master;
Nursing  Master;
Biomedical Physics  Master;
International Economics and Finance  Master;
Public Policy and Administration  Master;
Documentary Media  Master;
Literatures of Modernity  Master;
Urban Development  Master;
Aerospace Engineering  Doctorate;
MBA in the Management of Technology and Innovation  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Media Production  Master;
Applied Mathematics  Master;
Building Science (MASc)  Master;
Chemical Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Communication and Culture  Doctorate;
Computer Science  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Building Science (MBSc)  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Master of Business Administration  Master;
Architecture  Master;
Environmental Applied Science and Management  Doctorate;
Nutrition Communication  Master;
Aerospace Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Psychology  Doctorate;
Social Work  Master;
Policy Studies  Doctorate;
Psychology  Master;
MMSc in Management of Technology and Innovation  Master;
Aerospace Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Computer Networks (MEng)  Master;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Journalism  Master;
Mechanical Engineering (MEng)  Master;
International Economics and Finance  Doctorate;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
Schulich School of Business - York University
Business School Ontario Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Master;
Master of International Business Administration (IMBA)  Master;
Advanced Management  Post-diploma;
Kellogg-Schulich Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)  Master;
Administration  Doctorate;
Financial Engineering  Post-diploma;
Master of Business Administration/Master of Fine Arts or Master of Arts  Master;
Master of Finance (MF)  Master;
Master of Business Administration/Juris Doctor (MBA/JD)  Master;
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - India Campus  Master;
Arts & Media Administration  Post-diploma;
Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure (MREI)  Master;
Master of Business Analytics (MBAN)  Master;
Master of Management (MMgt)  Master;
Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University
Business School Ontario MBA Global (MBA)  Master;
MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation (MBA-MTI)  Master;
Master of Science in Management (MScM)  Master;
The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Graduate School Ontario Bachelor of Naturopathy  Bachelor;
Toronto Baptist Seminary
Graduate School Ontario Master of Divinity  Master;
Master of Theological Studies  Master;
Master of Theology  Master;
Certificate of Theological Studies  Certificate;
Bachelor of Theology  Bachelor;
Bible Diploma (2 Year)  Diploma;
Bible Diploma (1 Year)  Diploma;
Bachelor of Theological Studies  Bachelor;
Toronto Image Works Institute
Career College Ontario No Program(s) present.
Toronto School of Theology
Graduate School Ontario Divinity (MDiv)  Master;
Theology (ThM)  Master;
Theology (ThD)  Doctorate;
Master of Arts in Theology (MA)  Master;
Doctoral (PhD)  Doctorate;
Religious Education (MRE)  Master;
Pastoral Studies (MPS)  Master;
Theological Studies (MTS)  Master;
Doctor of Ministry (DMin)  Doctorate;
Ministry and Spirituality (MAMS)  Master;
Theology (ThM) - Jewish Studies  Master;
Theology (ThM) - Pastoral Counselling  Master;
Sacred Music (MSMus)  Master;
Trinity College - Faculty of Divinity
Graduate School Ontario Theology (Th.M. )  Master;
Ministry (D.Min)  Doctorate;
Theology (Th.D.)  Doctorate;
Theological Studies (M.T.S.)  Master;
Divinity (M.DIV.)  Master;
Divinity (M.DIV.)  Master;Honours;
Philosophy (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Divinity (C.L.M.)  Master;
Divinity/Arts (M.DIV./MA)  Master;
Arts (MA)  Master;
Tyndale Seminary
Graduate School Ontario Biblical Studies  Master;
Counselling  Master;
Master of Theological Studies  Master;
Pentecostal Studies  Master;
Theological Studies  Master;
Christian Studies  Diploma;
Spiritual Formation  Diploma;
Master of Theology  Master;
Spiritual Formation  Master;
Youth and Family Ministry  Master;
Christian Foundations  Master;
Pastoral and Chinese Ministry  Master;
Master of Divinity  Master;
Doctor of Ministry  Doctorate;
Leadership  Diploma;
Youth and Family  Diploma;
Christian Studies - Modular  Diploma;
Pastoral and Chinese Ministry  Diploma;
Chinese Language  Master;
Christian Education and Formation  Master;
Global Mission and Intercultural Studies  Master;
Master of Divinity - In-Ministry  Master;
Master of Theological Studies - Modular  Master;
Global Mission and Intercultural Studies  Diploma;
University of St. Michael's College - Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Divinity (MDiv)  Master;
Theology (Ph.D. and Th.D.)  Doctorate;
Ministry (DMin)  Doctorate;
Religious Education (MRE)  Master;
Catholic Leadership  Master;
Theology (MA)  Master;
Theological Studies (MTS)  Master;
Theology (Th.M.)  Master;
University of Toronto - Faculty of Medicine
Medical School Ontario Medical Biophysics  Doctorate;
Medicine  Doctorate;
Occupational Therapy  Master;
Physical Therapy  Master;
Biomedical Communications  Master;
Bioethics  Master;
Family and Community Medicine  Master;
Social and Behavioural Health Sciences (Health Promotion)  Master;
Epidemiology  Doctorate;
Nursing  Doctorate;
Nursing (MN)  Master;
Pharmacy  Doctorate;
Epidemiology  Master;
Addictions and Mental Health  Master;
Pharmacology  Doctorate;
Community Nutrition  Master;
Physiology  Doctorate;
Rehabilitation Science  Master;
Medical Biophysics  Master;
Physiology  Master;
Pharmacology  Master;
Biostatistics  Doctorate;
Global Health  Master;
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology  Master;
Nutritional Sciences  Master;
Health Practitioner Teacher Education  Master;
Immunology  Master;
Health Services Research  Doctorate;
Nutritional Sciences  Doctorate;
MD/PhD  Doctorate;
Biochemistry  Doctorate;
Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research  Doctorate;
Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research  Master;
Health Services Research  Master;
Nursing Health Science (MN/MHS)  Master;
Health Technology Assessment and Management  Master;
Immunology  Doctorate;
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology  Doctorate;
Medical Science  Master;
Medical Science  Doctorate;
Wound Prevention and Care  Master;
Occupational and Environmental Health  Master;
Rehabilitation Science  Doctorate;
Biostatistics  Master;
Biochemistry  Master;
Health Administration  Master;
Health Informatics  Master;
Global Health (Collaborative)  Doctorate;
Occupational Health Care  Master;
Management of Innovation  Master;
Biomedical Toxicology  Master;
Community Nutrition (Advanced Standing)  Master;
Social and Behavioural Health Sciences  Master;
University of Toronto - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Criminology  Master;
Philosophy  Doctorate;
Philosophy  Master;
Classics  Master;
Classics  Doctorate;
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations  Master;
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations  Doctorate;
Mathematics  Master;
Mathematics  Doctorate;
Political Science (Political Theory)  Master;
Art History  Doctorate;
Political Science  Doctorate;
Religion  Master;
Religion  Doctorate;
Anthropology (Arts)  Master;
Anthropology  Doctorate;
Psychology  Master;
Speech-Language Pathology (Health Science)  Master;
Speech-Language Pathology (Science)  Master;
Speech-Language Pathology  Doctorate;
French Language and Literature  Master;
Social Work  Master;
Social Work  Doctorate;
Women and Gender Studies (Collaborative Program)  Doctorate;
Psychology  Doctorate;
French Language and Literature  Doctorate;
History  Master;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
Economics  Doctorate;
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (Engineering)  Master;
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (Applied Science)  Master;
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry  Doctorate;
Art History  Master;
History  Doctorate;
Economics  Master;
Linguistics  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (Applied Science)  Master;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Computer Science  Master;
Sociology  Master;
Sociology  Doctorate;
Women and Gender Studies  Master;
Linguistics  Master;
Anthropology (Science)  Master;
Civil Engineering (Engineering)  Master;
Economics (Collaborative Program in Asia-Pacific Studies)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
English  Doctorate;
Language and Literacies Education Program (LLE - PhD.)  Doctorate;
Comparative Literature  Master;
Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development (M.A.)  Master;
Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development  Doctorate;
Design and Manufacturing  Master;
Drama  Master;
Drama  Doctorate;
East Asian Studies  Master;
East Asian Studies  Doctorate;
Financial Economics  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Applied Science)  Master;
English  Master;
Comparative Literature  Doctorate;
Language and Literacies Education Program (LLE)  Master;
Economics (Collaborative Program in Environmental Studies)  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Master;
Ethnomusicology  Master;
Music - Composition  Master;
Musicology/Theory  Master;
Musicology/Theory  Doctorate;
Music Education  Master;
German Literature, Culture and Theory  Master;
Visual Studies - Studio  Master;
Chemistry  Master;
English (Creative Writing)  Master;
Forest Conservation  Master;
Forestry  Master;
Geology (Applied Science)  Master;
Aerospace Science and Engineering (Applied Science)  Master;
Architecture  Master;
Astronomy and Astrophysics  Master;
Biochemistry  Master;
Clinical Engineering  Master;
Adult Education and Community Development (M.A.)  Master;
Aerospace Science and Engineering (Engineering)  Master;
Landscape Architecture  Master;
Cinema Studies  Master;
Ancient Near Eastern Studies  Master;
Biotechnology  Master;
Cell and Systems Biology  Master;
School and Clinical Child Psychology  Master;
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  Master;
Educational Administration (M.A.)  Master;
Urban Design  Master;
Counselling Psychology (Counselling for Community and Educational Settings)  Master;
Counselling Psychology (Counselling for Guidance and Counselling)  Master;
Counselling Psychology (Counselling for Psychology Specialists)  Master;
Developmental Psychology and Education (M.Ed.)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Engineering)  Master;
Elementary and Secondary Education  Master;
Environmental Science  Master;
Genetic Counselling  Master;
European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies  Master;
Exercise Science  Master;
Geography (Arts)  Master;
Geology (Science)  Master;
Geography (Science)  Master;
Ancient Near Eastern Studies  Doctorate;
School and Clinical Child Psychology  Doctorate;
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (Applied Science)  Master;
Medieval Studies  Master;
Physics  Master;
Physics  Doctorate;
Museum Studies  Master;
Exercise Science  Doctorate;
Investigative & Forensic Accounting  Post-diploma;Distance;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology  Master;
Italian Studies  Master;
Mathematical Finance  Master;
Adult Education and Community Development  Doctorate;
Aerospace Science and Engineering  Doctorate;
Astronomy and Astrophysics  Doctorate;
Educational Administration (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Geology  Doctorate;
German Literature, Culture and Theory  Doctorate;
Materials Science and Engineering  Doctorate;
Slavic Languages and Literatures  Doctorate;
Industrial Relations & Human Resources  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
Developmental Psychology and Education  Doctorate;
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  Doctorate;
Forestry  Doctorate;
Geography  Doctorate;
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology  Doctorate;
Industrial Relations & Human Resources  Doctorate;
Materials Science and Engineering (Applied Science)  Master;
Slavic Languages and Literatures  Master;
Higher Education (M.A.)  Master;
Higher Education (Ed.D.)  Doctorate;
Biochemistry  Doctorate;
Cell and Systems Biology  Doctorate;
Italian Studies  Doctorate;
Planning  Doctorate;
Medieval Studies  Doctorate;
Music Education  Doctorate;
Ethnomusicology  Doctorate;
Information  Master;
Information Studies  Doctorate;
Child Study and Education  Master;
Criminology  Doctorate;
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering  Doctorate;
Adult Education and Community Development (M.Ed.)  Master;
Architecture (Post Professional)  Master;
Applied Computing  Master;
Developmental Psychology and Education (M.A.)  Master;
Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development (M.Ed.)  Master;
Educational Administration (M.Ed.)  Master;
Counselling Psychology (Counselling for Psychology Specialists)  Doctorate;
Educational Administration (Ed.D.)  Doctorate;
Counselling Psychology (Counselling for Community and Educational Settings)  Doctorate;
Music - Composition (DMA)  Doctorate;
Music - Opera  Master;
Music - Piano Pedagogy  Master;
Music - Vocal Pedagogy  Master;
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (M.Ed.)  Master;
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (Ed.D.)  Doctorate;
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Public Policy and Governance  Master;
Higher Education (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Higher Education (M.Ed.)  Master;
Planning  Master;
Spanish  Master;
Materials Science and Engineering (Engineering)  Master;
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (Engineering)  Master;
Music - Instrumental  Master;
Music - Collaborative Piano  Master;
Music - Conducting  Master;
Political Science (Political Economy of International Development)  Master;
Language and Literacies Education Program (M.Ed. - LLE)  Master;
Political Science (Political Science)  Master;
Statistics  Doctorate;
Urban Design Studies  Master;
Molecular Genetics  Doctorate;
Spanish  Doctorate;
Music - Jazz Performance  Master;
Global Affairs  Master;
Landscape Architecture (Post Professional)  Master;
Molecular Genetics  Master;
Music - Voice  Master;
Music - Performance (DMA)  Doctorate;
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (M.A.)  Master;
Statistics  Master;
Social Service Administration  Post-diploma;
Jewish Studies  Master;
Developmental Biology (Collaborative)  Master;
Book History and Print Culture (Collaborative)  Master;
South Asian Studies  Master;
Biomolecular Structure (Collaborative)  Doctorate;
Genome Biology and Bioinformatics (Collaborative)  Doctorate;
Diaspora and Transnational Studies  Doctorate;
Editing Medieval Texts  Doctorate;
Visual Studies - Curatorial  Master;
Book History and Print Culture (Collaborative)  Doctorate;
Industrial Relations & Human Resources (Advanced Standing)  Master;
Women's Health  Master;
Information Studies  Post-diploma;
Diaspora and Transnational Studies  Master;
Women's Health  Doctorate;
South Asian Studies  Doctorate;
Developmental Biology (Collaborative)  Doctorate;
Jewish Studies  Doctorate;
Cinema Studies  Doctorate;
University of Toronto Law School
Law School Ontario Law/Political Science (J.D./Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Law/Criminology (J.D./M.A.)  Doctorate;
Law/Economics (J.D./M.A.)  Master;
Law/Russian and East European Studies (J.D./M.A.)  Master;
Law/Business Administration (J.D./M.B.A.)  Doctorate;
Law/Social Work (J.D./M.S.W.)  Master;
Law/Philosophy (J.D./Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Juridical Science (S.J.D.)  Doctorate;
Law (L.L.M.)  Master;
Studies in Law (M.S.L.)  Master;
Juris Doctor (J.D.)  Doctorate;
Law/English (J.D./M.A.)  Master;
Law/Information Studies (J.D./M.I.)  Master;
Law/Global Affairs (J.D./M.G.A.)  Master;
Law/Economics (J.D./Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Global Professional Master of Laws (G.P.L.L.M.)  Master;
J.D./M.A. Jewish Studies  Master;
Law/Public Policy (J.D./M.A.)  Master;
University of Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - Teacher Education Programs
Teaching/Education Ontario Master of Arts in Child Study and Education  Master;
Master of Teaching  Master;
York University - Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Economics  Master;
Economics  Doctorate;
English  Doctorate;
English  Master;
Geography (MA)  Master;
Geography  Doctorate;
History  Master;
History  Doctorate;
Interdisciplinary Studies  Master;
Kinesiology and Health Science (MSc)  Master;
Mathematics and Statistics  Master;
Mathematics and Statistics  Doctorate;
Philosophy  Master;
Philosophy  Doctorate;
Political Science  Master;
Political Science  Doctorate;
Psychology  Master;
Psychology  Doctorate;
Sociology  Master;
Sociology  Doctorate;
Environmental Studies  Master;
Environmental Studies  Doctorate;
Dance (MA)  Master;
Film (MFA)  Master;
Music  Master;
Music  Doctorate;
Theatre  Master;
Visual Arts  Master;
Biology  Master;
Biology  Doctorate;
Chemistry  Master;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
Earth and Space Science  Master;
Earth and Space Science  Doctorate;
Physics and Astronomy  Master;
Physics and Astronomy  Doctorate;
Études Françaises  Master;
Social Work  Master;
Communication and Culture  Master;
Communication and Culture  Doctorate;
Education – Language, Culture & Teaching  Master;
Education – Language, Culture & Teaching  Doctorate;
Linguistics & Applied Linguistics  Master;
Humanities  Master;
Mathematics for Teachers  Master;
Social and Political Thought  Master;
Social and Political Thought  Doctorate;
Translation Studies  Master;
Theatre & Performance Studies  Master;
Art History  Master;
Critical Disability Studies  Master;
Design  Master;
Human Resources Management  Master;
Humanities  Doctorate;
Kinesiology and Health Science  Doctorate;
Nursing (MScN)  Master;
Theatre & Performance Studies  Doctorate;
Human Resources Management  Doctorate;
Linguistics & Applied Linguistics  Doctorate;
Critical Disability Studies  Doctorate;
Visual Arts  Doctorate;
Social Work  Doctorate;
Art History & Visual Culture  Doctorate;
Asian Studies  Post-diploma;
Health  Doctorate;
Health  Master;
Public Policy, Administration & Law  Master;
Development Studies  Master;
Disaster & Emergency Management  Master;
Nursing - Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner  Master;
Public & International Affairs  Master;
Cinema & Media Studies  Doctorate;
Early Childhood Education  Post-diploma;
Science & Technology Studies  Doctorate;
Socio-Legal Studies  Master;
Financial Accountability  Master;
Advanced Hebrew and Jewish Studies  Post-diploma;
Science & Technology Studies  Master;
Dance Studies  Doctorate;
Cinema & Media Studies (MA)  Master;
Curatorial Studies in Visual Culture  Post-diploma;
Dance (MFA)  Master;
Anthropology – Social  Master;
Anthropology – Social  Doctorate;
Études francophones  Doctorate;
Information Systems & Technology  Master;
Socio-Legal Studies  Doctorate;
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (MASc)  Master;
Justice System Administration  Post-diploma;
Language & Literacy Education  Post-diploma;
Mechanical Engineering  Master;
Geography (MSc)  Master;
Social Work (Advanced Standing)  Master;
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science  Doctorate;
Business & Sustainability  Post-diploma;
Education in Urban Environments  Post-diploma;
Value Theory & Applied Ethics  Post-diploma;
Refugee & Migration Studies  Post-diploma;
Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies  Master;
Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies  Doctorate;
Neuroscience  Post-diploma;
General Interpreting  Post-diploma;
International & Security Studies  Post-diploma;
Kinesiology and Health Science (MFSc)  Master;
Applied & Industrial Mathematics (MSc)  Master;
German & European Studies  Post-diploma;
Latin American & Caribbean Studies  Post-diploma;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (MSc)  Master;
Kinesiology and Health Science (MA)  Master;
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