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Algonquin College - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Ontario Event Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Geographic Information Systems (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Interactive Media Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Teachers of English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESFL) – Full-Time Program  Certificate;
Technical Writer (Co-op and Regular Options) (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Co-op;
Scriptwriting (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Advanced Care Paramedic (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Orientation to Nursing in Ontario for Nurses (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Clinically Intensive Orientation to Nursing in Ontario (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Green Architecture (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Registered Nurse - Critical Care Nursing - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Registered Practical Nurse - Operating Room - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Registered Nurse - Perioperative Nursing - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Co-op;
Autism and Behavioural Science (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Business Intelligence System Infrastructure (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Co-op;
Construction Project Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Financial Services (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Human Resources Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Marketing Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Marketing Research and Business Intelligence (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Brand Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Digital Health (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Emergency Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Energy Management (Co-op and Regular Options) (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Co-op;
Environmental Management and Assessment (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Human Resources Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
International Business Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Regulatory Affairs – Sciences (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Co-op;
Retirement Communities Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Spa and Wellness Operations Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Sport Business Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Technical Writer (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Building Information Modeling - Lifecycle Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Paralegal (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Project Management (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Regulatory Affairs – Sciences (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Teachers of English as a Foreign Language – International (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Victimology (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Accounting and Financial Practice (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Building Automation System Operations (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Early Childhood Education Administration - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Human Resources Management - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Digital Health - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Construction Project Management - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Autism and Behavioural Science - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Emergency Management - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Interdisciplinary Studies in Human-Centered Design (Co-op Option) (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Co-op;
Registered Nurse - Perinatal Nursing - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Regulatory Affairs – Sciences - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Technical Writer - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Teachers of English as a Second/Foreign Language - Part-time  Certificate;
Therapeutic Recreation (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;
Victimology - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Working with Dementia Clients - Multidiscipline - Part-time (Graduate Certificate)  Certificate;Online;
Carleton University - Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Graduate School Ontario International Affairs  Master;
Computer Science  Master;
Anthropology  Master;
Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies  Master;
Art History  Master;
Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
English  Master;
Film Studies  Master;
French and Francophone Studies  Master;
History  Master;
Legal Studies  Master;
Communication  Master;
Philosophy  Master;
Political Science  Master;Co-op;
Psychology  Master;
Sociology  Master;
Aerospace Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Civil Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Journalism  Master;
Mathematics  Master;
Social Work (One Year)  Master;
Cognitive Science  Doctorate;
Aerospace Engineering  Doctorate;
Communication  Doctorate;
Political Economy  Master;
Architectural Studies  Master;
European, Russian and Eurasian Studies  Master;
Political Science  Doctorate;
Public Policy  Doctorate;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
Environmental Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Environmental Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Economics  Doctorate;
Cultural Mediations  Doctorate;
Economics  Master;
Geography  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Geography-M.A.  Master;
History  Doctorate;
Sociology  Doctorate;
Architecture  Master;
Canadian Studies  Master;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
Mathematics  Doctorate;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Biology  Doctorate;
Biology  Master;
Chemistry  Master;
Physics  Master;
Physics  Doctorate;
Earth Sciences  Doctorate;
English  Doctorate;
Earth Sciences  Master;
Neuroscience  Master;
European Integration Studies  Diploma;
Anthropology  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering  Master;
Public Administration  Master;
International Affairs  Doctorate;
Technology Innovation Management-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Music and Culture  Master;
Conflict Resolution  Post-diploma;
Chemical and Environmental Toxicology  Doctorate;
Aerospace Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Mechanical Engineering-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Geography-M.Sc.  Master;
Civil Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Environmental Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Infrastructure Protection and International Security  Master;
Sustainable Energy-M.Eng.  Master;
Sustainable Energy-M.A.Sc.  Master;
Public History  Master;
International Affairs/JD  Master;
Mechanical Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Cognitive Science  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering-M.Eng.  Master;
Women's and Gender Studies  Master;
Technology Innovation Management-M.Eng.  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Psychology  Doctorate;
Chemical and Environmental Toxicology  Master;
Architectural Conservation  Diploma;
Religion and Public Life  Master;
Human-Computer Interaction (M.A.)  Master;
Human-Computer Interaction (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Design  Master;
Political Management  Master;
Human-Computer Interaction (M.C.S.)  Master;
African Studies  Master;
Health Policy  Post-diploma;
Indigenous Policy and Administration  Post-diploma;
Political Economy  Doctorate;
Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership  Master;
Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership  Post-diploma;
Social Work (Two Year)  Master;
Public Management  Post-diploma;
Sustainable Development  Post-diploma;
Ethics and Public Affairs  Post-diploma;
Ethics and Public Affairs  Doctorate;
Public Policy and Program Evaluation  Post-diploma;
Digital Humanities  Master;
Data Science  Master;
Carleton University - Sprott School of Business
Business School Ontario Master of Business Administration (MBA) - International Development Management  Master;
Management (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Master of Business Administration in Bogaota (MBA)  Master;
Master of Business Administration in Shanghai (MBA)  Master;
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - International Business  Master;
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Management & Change  Master;
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Financial Management  Master;
Master of Accounting  Master;
Sprott MBA Accelerated Stream  Master;
Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Master;
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Arts Management  Master;
Dominican University College/Collège universitaire dominicain - Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Master of Arts in Philosophy  Master;
Doctor in Philosophy  Doctorate;
Master in Theology: Civil Degree  Master;
Master of Arts in Theology: Civil Degree  Master;
Doctorate of Theology: Canonical Degree  Doctorate;
Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa
Law School Ontario LL.M. with Research Paper  Master;
International Humanitarian and Security Law  Master;
Global Sustainability and Environmental Law  Master;
Law and Technology  Master;
Droit notarial  Master;
LL.M. with Specialization in Women’s Studies  Master;
Law (LL.D)  Doctorate;
LL.M. with Thesis  Master;
Law and Social Justice  Master;
International Trade and Foreign Investment Law  Master;
Saint Paul University - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Ontario Counselling and Spirituality  Master;
Conflict Studies  Master;
Public Ethics  Master;
Counselling and Spirituality  Doctorate;
Conflict Studies  Doctorate;
Telfer School of Management
Business School Ontario Business Administration, Executive (EMBA)  Master;
Health Administration (MHA)  Master;
Business Administration (MBA Intensive)  Master;
Health Systems (MSc)  Master;
Management (MSc)  Master;
JD Law - Business Administration (MBA)  Master;
Business Administration (MBA)  Master;
Complex Project Leadership  Master;
Health Administration (MHA Intensive)  Master;
Management  Doctorate;
Université Saint-Paul - Graduate Programmes
Graduate School Ontario Études de conflits  Master;
Éthique publique  Master;
Counselling et spiritualité  Master;
Counselling et spiritualité  Doctorate;
Études de conflits  Doctorate;
Etudes théologiques  Master;
University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa - Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Graduate School Ontario Earth Sciences  Master;
Economics  Master;
Education (MEd) - Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum and Policy Studies  Master;
Engineering Management (ME)  Master;
Physics  Master;
Religious Studies  Master;
Sociology  Master;
Systems Science (MSysSc)  Master;
Nursing  Doctorate;
Experimental Psychology  Doctorate;
Philosophy  Doctorate;
Physics  Doctorate;
Population Health  Doctorate;
Sociology  Doctorate;
Biology  Doctorate;
Women's Studies (MA)  Master;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
Earth Sciences  Doctorate;
Economics  Doctorate;
Environmental Engineering  Doctorate;
Lettres françaises  Doctorate;
Linguistics  Doctorate;
Audiologie  Master;
Civil Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Computer Science (MCS)  Master;
Music (MA)  Master;
Linguistics  Master;
Biology (M.Sc.)  Master;
Biomedical Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Chemical Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Human Kinetics (MA)  Master;
Lettres françaises (MA)  Master;
Philosophy  Master;
History  Doctorate;
Spanish  Doctorate;
Geography (MA)  Master;
Mathematics (MSc)  Master;
Translation Studies (MA)  Master;
Conference Interpreting (MCI)  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Criminology  Doctorate;
Education - Health Professions Education  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
English  Doctorate;
Geography  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Religious Studies  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Nursing (MSc)  Master;
Political Science  Master;
Service social  Master;
Spanish (MA)  Master;
Translation Studies  Doctorate;
Environmental Engineering (MASc)  Master;
Electronic Business Technologies (MEBT)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc)  Master;
English  Master;
Globalization and International Development  Master;Co-op;
History (MA)  Master;Co-op;
Political Science  Doctorate;
Chemistry  Master;
Classical Studies (M.A.)  Master;
Communication (MA)  Master;
Criminology (MA) - Women's Studies  Master;
Theatre: Directing (MFA)  Master;
Mathematics and Statistics  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Ergothérapie  Master;
Information Studies (MIS)  Master;Co-op;
Mechanical Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Music (MMus)  Master;
Communication (MC)  Master;
Computer Science (MCS)  Master;Co-op;
Education (MA) - Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum and Policy Studies  Master;
Geography (MSc)  Master;
Chemical Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Information Studies (MIS)  Master;
Environmental Engineering (MEng)  Master;
Human Kinetics (MSc)  Master;
Public Administration (MA)  Master;
Theatre (MA)  Master;
Visual Arts (MFA)  Master;
Human Kinetics  Doctorate;
Public and International Affairs (MA)  Master;Co-op;
Systems Science (MSc)  Master;
Public Administration  Doctorate;
Women's Studies  Doctorate;
Advanced Materials and Manufacturing  Doctorate;
Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (MASc)  Master;
Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (MEng)  Master;
Mathematics - Bioinformatics  Master;
Mathematics - Biostatistics  Master;
Earth Sciences - Chemical and Environmental Toxicology  Master;
Criminology (MA)  Master;
English - Women's Studies  Master;
History - Medieval and Renaissance Studies  Master;Co-op;
English - Medieval and Renaissance Studies  Master;
Information Studies  Post-diploma;
Lettres françaises - Études médiévales et de la Renaissance  Master;
Lettres françaises - Études des femmes  Master;
Music - Women's Studies  Master;
Piano Pedagogy Research  Post-diploma;
Physiothérapie  Master;
Religious Studies - Medieval and Renaissance Studies  Master;
Religious Studies - Women's Studies  Master;
Spanish - Medieval and Renaissance Studies  Master;
Sociology - Women's Studies  Master;
Earth Sciences - Chemical and Environmental Toxicology  Doctorate;
Geography - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Lettres françaises - Études canadiennes  Doctorate;
Linguistics - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Religious Studies - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
English - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
History - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Clinical Psychology  Doctorate;
Translation Studies - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Sociology - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Anthropology (MA)  Master;
Human Kinetics (MHK)  Master;
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (MSc)  Master;
World Literatures and Cultures (MA)  Master;
Environmental Sustainability - (Interdisciplinary MSc)  Master;
Systems Science Specialization in Environmental Sustainability  Master;
Translation Studies: Literary Translation  Master;
Biology: Chemical and Environmental Toxicology  Master;
Chemistry: Chemical and Environmental Toxicology  Doctorate;
Chemistry: Chemical and Environmental Toxicology  Master;
Civil Engineering (MASc): Science, Society and Policy  Master;
Classical Studies (M.A.): Medieval and Renaissance Studies  Master;
Biology: Bioinformatics  Master;
Computer Science (MCS): Bioinformatics  Master;
Theatre: Medieval Studies and Renaissance  Master;
Biology: Environmental Sustainability  Master;
Biology: Chemical and Environmental Toxicology  Doctorate;
Chemistry: Science, Society and Policy  Master;
Communication (MC)  Master;Co-op;
Computer Science (MCS) - Accelerated  Master;
Electronic Business Technologies (MSc)  Master;
Economics  Master;Co-op;
Education - Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum and Policy Studies  Doctorate;
Education - Societies, Cultures and Languages  Doctorate;
Education - Studies in Teaching and Learning  Doctorate;
Education - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Environmental Sustainability - (Interdisciplinary MSc)  Master;Co-op;
Communication  Doctorate;
International Development  Doctorate;
Education (MA) - Studies in Teaching and Learning  Master;
Education (MA) - Societies, Cultures and Languages  Master;
Education (MA) - Counselling Psychology  Master;
Education (MA) - Health Professions Education  Master;
Education (MEd) - Studies in Teaching and Learning  Master;
Education (MEd) - Societies, Cultures and Languages  Master;
Education (MEd) - Health Professions Education  Master;
Information Studies (MIS) - Science, Society and Policy  Master;Co-op;
History (MA)  Master;
Globalization and International Development: Environmental Sustainability  Master;
Earth Sciences - Environmental Sustainability  Master;Co-op;
Earth Sciences - Science, Society and Policy  Master;
History - Medieval and Renaissance Studies  Master;
Public and International Affairs (MA): Environmental Sustainability  Master;Co-op;
Information Studies (MIS) - Science, Society and Policy  Master;
Physics Specialization in Science, Society and Policy  Master;
Electronic Business  Doctorate;
Geography (MSc): Science, Society and Policy  Master;
Geography (MA): Science, Society and Policy  Master;
Human Kinetics (MA): Women's Studies  Master;
Human Kinetics - Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Geography (MA): Environmental Sustainability  Master;
Globalization and International Development: Women's Studies  Master;
Geography (MSc): Environmental Sustainability  Master;
Political Science: Women's Studies  Master;
Philosophy: Women's Studies  Master;
Political Science: Environmental Sustainability  Master;
Philosophy: Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Philosophy: Medieval and Renaissance Studies  Master;
Political Science: Canadian Studies  Doctorate;
Nursing (MSc): Women's Studies  Master;
Public Administration (MA): Environmental Sustainability  Master;
Public and International Affairs (MA): Science, Society and Policy  Master;Co-op;
Public Administration (MA): Women's Studies  Master;
Education (MEd) - Counselling Psychology  Master;
Statistics (MSc)  Master;
Nursing with Graduate Diploma Primary Health Care for Nurse Practitioners  Master;
Human Kinetics (MHK) - Intervention and Consultation  Master;
Human Kinetics (MHK) - Sport Management  Master;
Speech-Language Pathology  Master;
Music Performance  Post-diploma;
Biology: Science, Society and Policy  Master;
Education (MEd) - Second Language Education  Master;
Education (MEd) - Second Language Education  Master;Online;
Education (MEd) - Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum and Policy Studies  Master;Online;
Education (MEd) - Studies in Teaching and Learning  Master;Online;
Education (MA) - Women's Studies  Master;
Public and International Affairs (MA): Science, Society and Policy  Master;
Public and International Affairs (MA)  Master;
Public and International Affairs (MA): Environmental Sustainability  Master;
Music - Medieval and Renaissance Studies  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa - Faculty of Medicine
Medical School Ontario MD / PhD - Medicine and Philosophy  Doctorate;
Microbiology and Immunology  Master;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Neuroscience  Master;
Microbiology and Immunology  Doctorate;
Neurodegenerative Lipidomics Training Program  Not Applicable;
Biochemistry  Master;
Cellular and Molecular Medicine  Master;
Epidemiology  Doctorate;
Biochemistry  Doctorate;
Cellular and Molecular Medicine  Doctorate;
Biochemistry: Human and Molecular Genetics  Doctorate;
Biochemistry: Pathology and Experimental Medicine  Doctorate;
Biochemistry: Bioinformatics  Master;
Biochemistry: Pathology and Experimental Medicine  Master;
Neuroscience: Human and Molecular Genetics  Doctorate;
Neuroscience: Human and Molecular Genetics  Master;
Biochemistry: Human and Molecular Genetics  Master;
Cellular and Molecular Medicine: Bioinformatics  Master;
Cellular and Molecular Medicine: Human and Molecular Genetics  Master;
Cellular and Molecular Medicine: Pathology and Experimental Medicine  Master;
Epidemiology: Biostatistics  Master;
Epidemiology  Master;
Microbiology and Immunology: Bioinformatics  Master;
Cellular and Molecular Medicine: Human and Molecular Genetics  Doctorate;
Cellular and Molecular Medicine: Pathology and Experimental Medicine  Doctorate;
Neuroscience: Pathology and Experimental Medicine  Master;
Microbiology and Immunology: Pathology and Experimental Medicine  Doctorate;
Microbiology and Immunology: Pathology and Experimental Medicine  Master;
Neuroscience: Pathology and Experimental Medicine  Doctorate;
Population Health Risk Assessment and Management  Post-diploma;
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