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McMaster Divinity College
Graduate School Ontario Christian Studies (M.A.)  Master;
Master of Divinity (M.Div.)  Master;
Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)  Master;
Christian Theology (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
McMaster University - Faculty of Health Sciences
Medical School Ontario Rehabilitation Science (Course-based)  Master;Online;
Nursing  Doctorate;
Health Research Methodology (Course-based)  Master;
Rehabilitation Science (Thesis-based)  Master;
Health Research Methodology  Doctorate;
Medical Sciences  Master;
Medical Sciences  Doctorate;
Nursing (Thesis-based)  Master;
Occupational Therapy (OT)  Master;
Physiotherapy (PT)  Master;
Biochemistry (MD/PhD)  Doctorate;
Nursing (Course-based)  Master;
Rehabilitation Science  Doctorate;
Medical Sciences (MD/PhD)  Doctorate;
Health Research Methodology  Master;Co-op;
Health Management (MHM)  Master;Online;
Health Science Education (Course-based)  Master;Online;
eHealth (Thesis-based)  Master;
eHealth (Course-based, Part-time)  Master;
Health Policy  Doctorate;
Nursing (Course-based/Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Diploma)  Master;
Clinical Epidemiology (GDCE)  Post-diploma;Online;
Rehabilitation Science (Course based)- Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal-Manipulative Physiotherapy (OMPT)  Master;
Biomedical Engineering (MD/Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Global Health  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
eHealth (Course-based)  Master;
Health Research Methodology (MD/Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Health Science Education (Thesis-based)  Master;
Health Research Methodology (Thesis-based)  Master;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Public Health (Thesis-based)  Master;
Chemical Biology  Master;
Chemical Biology  Doctorate;
Chemical Biology (MD/Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Neuroscience  Master;
Public Health (Practicum)  Master;
Speech-Language Pathology  Master;
McMaster University - School of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Ontario Anthropology (Course-Based)  Master;
Anthropology  Doctorate;
Biochemistry  Master;
Biochemistry  Doctorate;
Biology  Master;
Biology  Doctorate;
Chemical Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Chemistry  Master;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Classics  Master;
Classics  Doctorate;
Computer Science (M.Sc.)  Master;
Economics  Master;
Economics  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Engineering Physics - Industrial Internship (M.Eng.)  Master;Co-op;
Engineering Physics  Doctorate;
English  Master;
English  Doctorate;
French  Master;
Geography (M.A.)  Master;
Geography  Doctorate;
History  Master;
History  Doctorate;
Kinesiology  Master;
Materials Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Materials Science (PhD)  Doctorate;
Mathematics (Thesis)  Master;
Mathematics  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Philosophy  Master;
Philosophy  Doctorate;
Physics and Astronomy (Thesis)  Master;
Physics and Astronomy  Doctorate;
Political Science  Master;
Psychology  Master;
Psychology  Doctorate;
Religious Studies  Master;
Religious Studies  Doctorate;
Sociology (Thesis)  Master;
Sociology  Doctorate;
Kinesiology  Doctorate;
Statistics (Thesis)  Master;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
Cultural Studies and Critical Theory  Master;
Global Health  Master;
Health Policy  Doctorate;
Chemical Biology  Doctorate;
Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation  Master;
Software Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Neuroscience  Master;
Social Work  Doctorate;
Engineering and Public Policy  Master;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Computational Science and Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Chemical Biology  Master;
Manufacturing Engineering  Master;
International Relations  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
Computational Science and Engineering  Doctorate;
Software Engineering  Doctorate;
Work and Society  Master;
Economic Policy  Master;
Software Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Health and Aging (Course Work plus Major Research Paper)  Master;
Engineering Design  Master;
Health and Radiation Physics (M.Sc.)  Master;
Computer Science (M.Eng.)  Master;
Cognitive Science of Language (M.Sc.)  Master;
Mechatronics (M.Eng.)  Master;
Radiation Sciences (Medical Physics) (M.Sc.)  Master;
Radiation Sciences (Radiation Biology) (M.Sc.)  Master;
Civil Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Geography (M.Sc.)  Master;
Cognitive Science of Language  Doctorate;
Gender Studies and Feminist Research  Post-diploma;
Earth & Environmental Sciences (M.Sc.)  Master;
Radiation Sciences (Medical Physics/Radiation Biology)  Doctorate;
Engineering Physics (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Materials Science (M.Sc.)  Master;
Communication and New Media (M.A.)  Master;
Gender Studies and Feminist Research  Master;
Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation  Master;
Chemical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Earth & Environmental Sciences  Doctorate;
Computational Science and Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Software Engineering and Virtual Systems Design (M.Eng.)  Master;
Materials Engineering (PhD)  Doctorate;
Astrobiology  Master;
Astrobiology  Doctorate;
Finance  Master;
Physiotherapy  Master;
Business Administration (8 Months Accelerated)  Master;
Business Administration  Doctorate;
Communications Management  Master;
Nursing  Master;
Nursing  Doctorate;
French  Doctorate;
Health Research Methodology  Master;
Occupational Therapy  Master;
Health and Aging (Course Work plus Thesis)  Master;
Health Studies  Doctorate;
Anthropology (Thesis-Based)  Master;
Social Gerontology  Doctorate;
Labour Studies  Doctorate;
Globalization Studies  Master;
Social Work Critical Leadership in Social Services and Communities  Master;
Biochemistry (MD/PhD)  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering (MD/PhD)  Doctorate;
Clinical Behavioural Sciences  Post-diploma;
Clinical Epidemiology  Post-diploma;
Computational Science and Engineering (M.Sc.) (Project)  Master;
Computational Science and Engineering (M.Sc.) (Coursework)  Master;
eHealth (Thesis)  Master;
eHealth (Course-based)  Master;
Social Work Critical Analysis  Master;
Social Justice  Master;
Business Administration (28 Months)  Master;Co-op;
Health Research Methodology  Doctorate;
Health Research Methodology (MSc/PhD)  Doctorate;
Health Science Education  Master;
Mathematics (Project)  Master;
Medical Sciences  Master;
Public Health (Thesis)  Master;
Social Work  Post-diploma;
Critical Leadership in Social Services and Communities  Post-diploma;
Sociology (Stream in Social Psychology)  Master;
Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization  Master;
Business Administration (16-20 Months)  Master;
Business Administration (EMBA)  Master;Online;
Child Life and Pediatric Psychosocial Care (Stream 1)  Master;
Physics and Astronomy (Coursework)  Master;
Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner  Post-diploma;
Professional Accountancy  Post-diploma;
Rehabilitation Science (Thesis)  Master;Online;
Rehabilitation Science  Doctorate;Online;
Sociology (Coursework)  Master;
Chemical Biology (MD/Phd)  Doctorate;
Child Life and Pediatric Psychosocial Care (Stream 2)  Master;
Public Health (Practicum)  Master;
Rehabilitation Science (Course-based)  Master;Online;
Sociology (Major Research Paper)  Master;
UNENE Nuclear Engineering  Post-diploma;
UNENE Nuclear Engineering  Master;
Computational Science and Engineering (M.Sc.) (Thesis)  Master;
Work and Society  Doctorate;
Medical Sciences  Doctorate;
Medical Sciences (MD/PhD)  Doctorate;
Rehabilitation Science (MD/Doctorate)  Doctorate;
Speech Language Pathology  Master;
Statistics (Course-based)  Master;
The National Academy of Health & Business (Hamilton)
Career College Ontario Accounting & Payroll Administrator  Diploma;
Business Office Administration  Diploma;
Community Services Worker  Diploma;
Dental Chairside Assistant (Level 1)  Diploma;
Dental Treatment Coordinator  Diploma;
Early Childcare Assistant  Diploma;
Intra Oral Dental Assistant Level 1 and 2  Diploma;
Medical Laboratory Technician  Diploma;
Miedical Office Assistant / Health Services Office Administration  Diploma;
Office Administration  Diploma;
Personal Support Worker  Diploma;
Pharmacy Assistant / Technician  Diploma;
Physiotherapist Assistant  Diploma;
Police Foundations Program  Diploma;
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