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Atlantic School of Theology - Graduate Programs
Graduate School Nova Scotia Summer Distance Master of Divinity Degree  Master;Online;
Master of Arts (Theology and Religious Studies)  Master;
Master of Divinity  Master;
Graduate Certificate Program in Theological Studies  Certificate;Online;
Diploma in Youth Ministry  Diploma;
Dalhousie Law School
Law School Nova Scotia Master of Laws (LLM)  Master;
Law  Doctorate;
Dalhousie Medical School
Medical School Nova Scotia Medical Neuroscience - Anatomy and Neurobiology  Master;
Medical Neuroscience - Anatomy and Neurobiology  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering (M.ASc.)  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
Medicine (MD)  Bachelor;
Community Health and Epidemiology  Master;
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Doctorate;
Pharmacology  Doctorate;
Pharmacology  Master;
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Master;
Pathology  Master;
Pathology  Doctorate;
Microbiology and Immunology  Doctorate;
Microbiology and Immunology  Master;
Interdisciplinary  Doctorate;
Medical Research  Master;
Physiology and Biophysics  Doctorate;
Physiology and Biophysics  Master;
Neuroscience  Master;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Epidemiology & Applied Health Research  Doctorate;
Medical Research  Doctorate;
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics  Master;
Dalhousie University - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Nova Scotia Agriculture  Master;
Atmospheric Science  Master;
Atmospheric Science  Doctorate;
Biological Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Biological Engineering  Doctorate;
Biology  Master;
Biology  Doctorate;
Chemical Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Chemistry  Master;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
Civil and Resource Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Civil and Resource Engineering  Doctorate;
Oceanography  Master;
Oceanography  Doctorate;
Library and Information Studies  Master;
Computer Science (MCSc)  Master;
Engineering Mathematics  Master;
Planning  Master;Co-op;
Leisure Studies  Master;
Applied Computer Science  Master;
Social Work  Master;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
Health Promotion  Master;
French  Master;
French  Doctorate;
Health Informatics  Master;
German  Master;
History  Doctorate;
Statistics  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Economics  Doctorate;
Economics (MDE)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering  Doctorate;
Mathematics  Master;
Mathematics  Doctorate;
Kinesiology  Master;
Engineering Mathematics  Doctorate;
Materials Engineering  Doctorate;
Architecture (MArch)  Master;Co-op;
Clinical Vision Science  Master;
Psychology  Master;
Physiotherapy  Master;
Economics (MA)  Master;
Classics  Master;
Social Anthropology  Master;
Electronic Commerce  Master;
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics  Master;
Occupational Therapy (Entry Level)  Master;
Musicology  Master;
Social Anthropology  Doctorate;
Earth Sciences  Master;
Health Administration  Master;
Food Science and Technology  Doctorate;
Environmental Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Clinical Psychology  Doctorate;
Political Science  Doctorate;
Internetworking  Master;
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences  Master;
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences  Doctorate;
Philosophy  Master;
Nursing (MN)  Master;
International Development Studies  Master;
Food Science and Technology  Master;
English  Master;
English  Doctorate;
Occupational Therapy (Post-Professional)  Master;Online;
Mineral Resource Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Human Communication Disorders - Speech Language Pathology  Master;
Sociology  Doctorate;
Psychology  Doctorate;
Psychology/Neuroscience  Master;
Human Communication Disorders - Audiology  Master;Co-op;
Classics  Doctorate;
Sociology  Master;
Physiotherapy - Rehabilitation Research  Master;
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Statistics  Master;
Social Work  Master;Distance;
Philosophy  Doctorate;
Nursing  Doctorate;
History  Master;
Psychology/Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Political Science  Master;
Mineral Resource Engineering  Doctorate;
Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Materials Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Industrial Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Industrial Engineering  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering (M.ASc.)  Master;
Chemical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Mineral Resource Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Biological Engineering (M.ASc.)  Master;
Civil and Resource Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Planning Studies  Master;Co-op;
Neuroscience  Master;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Interdisciplinary  Doctorate;
Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Environmental Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Industrial Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Mechanical Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Applied Computer Science (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Materials Engineering (M.A.Sc.)  Master;
Earth Sciences  Doctorate;
Journalism  Master;
Architecture - Environmental Design Studies (MEDS)  Master;Co-op;
Marine Management  Master;
Architecture (Post-Professional) (MArch (Post-Prof.))  Master;Co-op;
Pharmaceutical Science  Master;
Medical Physics  Master;
Journalism - Creative Nonfiction (MFA)  Master;
Computer Science (MACSc)  Master;
Health  Doctorate;
Medical Physics  Doctorate;
Clinical Vision Science - Orthoptics and Ophthalmic Medical Technology  Post-diploma;
Dalhousie University - Rowe School of Business
Business School Nova Scotia Business Administration (Accelerated)  Master;
Master of Public Administration (MPA)  Master;
Master of Public Administration (Management)  Master;
Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (GDPA)  Post-diploma;
Master of Library and Information Studies/Master of Public Administration (MLIS/MPA)  Master;
Master of Public Administration/Juris Doctor (MPA/JD)  Master;
Master of Electronic Commerce (MEC)  Master;
Master of Resource and Environmental Management (MREM)  Master;
Interdisciplinary Ph.D.  Doctorate;
Master of Environmental Studies (MES)  Master;
Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS)  Master;
Master of Library and Information Studies/Juris Doctor (MLIS/JD)  Master;
Master of Library & Information Studies/Master of Resource & Environmental Management (MLIS/MREM)  Master;
Master of Business Administration (Financial Services)  Master;Online;
Master of Information Management (MIM)  Master;
Master of Business Administration (Corporate Residency)  Master;
Master of Business Administration (Leadership)  Master;Online;
Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University
Dental School Nova Scotia DDS Qualifying Program  Doctorate;
Doctor of Dental Surgery  Doctorate;
Paediatric General Practice Residency  Doctorate;
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  Master;
Mount Saint Vincent University - Graduate Studies
Graduate School Nova Scotia Master of Arts in Family Studies and Gerontology  Master;
Master of Science Applied Human Nutrition  Master;
Master of Arts in Child and Youth Study  Master;
Master of Education - Educational Foundations  Master;
Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies  Master;
Master of Public Relations  Master;
Master of Applied Human Nutrition  Master;
Master of Education - Curriculum Studies  Master;
Master of Arts in Communication  Master;
Master of Education - Elementary and Middle School Education  Master;
Master of Arts - School Psychology  Master;
Master of Education - Educational Psychology  Master;
Master of Education - Literacy Education  Master;
Master of Education - Studies in Lifelong Learning  Master;
Research Master of Arts (Education)  Master;
Master of Arts - Educational Psychology  Master;
Master of Arts - Elementary and Middle School Education  Master;
Master of Arts - Educational Foundations  Master;
Master of Arts - Studies in Lifelong Learning  Master;
Master of Arts - Literacy Education  Master;
Educational Studies  Doctorate;
NSCAD University - Graduate Studies
Graduate School Nova Scotia Design (MDes)  Master;
Fine and Media Arts (MFA)  Master;
Saint Mary's University - Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research
Graduate School Nova Scotia Criminology (MA)  Master;
International Development Studies (MA)  Master;
Atlantic Canada Studies (MA)  Master;
History (MA)  Master;
Theology and Religious Studies (MA)  Master;
Philosophy (MA)  Master;
Women and Gender Studies (MA)  Master;
Astronomy (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Applied Science (M.Sc.)  Master;Co-op;
Applied Psychology (M.Sc.)  Master;
Astronomy (M.Sc.)  Master;
Computing & Data Analytics (M.Sc.)  Master;
International Development Studies  Doctorate;
Applied Science  Doctorate;
Applied Science (M.Sc.)  Master;
Geography (MA)  Master;
Sobey School of Business - Saint Mary's University
Business School Nova Scotia Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Master;
Master of Finance (MFin)  Master;
Master of Management - Co-operatives and Credit Unions (MMCCU)  Master;Online;
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)  Master;
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management  Doctorate;
Master of Business Administration - CPA Stream (MBA)  Master;
Applied Economics  Master;
Co-operative Management  Post-diploma;Online;
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