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Ambrose Seminary
Graduate School Alberta Master of Divinity  Master;
Master of Arts in Biblical/Theological Studies  Master;
Master of Arts in Intercultural Ministries  Master;
Master of Arts in Leadership and Ministry  Master;
Master of Arts in Christian Studies  Master;
Master of Arts in Leadership and Ministry (Chinese Ministry Focus)  Master;
Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary
Law School Alberta Law (LL.M.)  Master;
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary
Medical School Alberta Biomedical Technology  Master;
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences  Master;
Gastrointestinal Sciences  Master;
Microbiology and Infectious Diseases  Master;
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Master;
Gastrointestinal Sciences  Doctorate;
Medical Science  Master;
Medical Science  Doctorate;
Microbiology and Infectious Diseases  Doctorate;
Neuroscience  Master;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Doctorate;
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences  Doctorate;
Community Health Sciences  Master;
Community Health Sciences  Doctorate;
Leaders in Medicine (MD/PhD)  Doctorate;
Leaders in Medicine (MSc)  Master;
Immunology  Master;
Immunology  Doctorate;
Disability and Community Studies  Master;
Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary
Business School Alberta Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Master;
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)  Master;
Business Administration (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Master of Business Administration (MBA, Thesis-Based)  Master;
Master of Biotechnology/Master of Business Administration (MBT/MBA)  Master;
Master of Social Work/Master of Business Administration (MSW/MBA)  Master;
Doctor of Medicine/Master of Business Administration (MD/MBA)  Master;
Bachelor of Laws/Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA)  Master;
Global Energy Executive MBA  Master;
Sustainable Energy Development  Master;
University of Calgary - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate School Alberta Education - School and Applied Child Psychology (M.Sc.)  Master;
Education - School and Applied Child Psychology  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Computer Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Electrical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Electrical Engineering  Doctorate;
Computer Engineering  Doctorate;
Civil Engineering  Doctorate;
Geomatics Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Geomatics Engineering  Doctorate;
Architecture  Master;
Environmental Design  Master;
Fine Arts (MFA)  Master;
Drama (MFA Directing)  Master;
Music (Composition MMus)  Master;
Greek and Roman Studies  Master;
English  Master;
English  Doctorate;
French  Master;
Spanish  Master;
German  Master;
Philosophy (Thesis)  Master;
Philosophy  Doctorate;
Religious Studies  Master;
Religious Studies  Doctorate;
Kinesiology (M.Kin.)  Master;
Kinesiology  Doctorate;
Statistics  Master;
Statistics  Doctorate;
Pure Mathematics  Master;
Pure Mathematics  Doctorate;
Chemistry  Master;
Chemistry  Doctorate;
Biological Sciences  Master;
Biological Sciences  Doctorate;
Computer Science  Master;
Computer Science  Doctorate;
History  Master;
History  Doctorate;
Anthropology  Master;
Anthropology  Doctorate;
Archaeology  Master;
Archaeology  Doctorate;
Economics (Thesis)  Master;
Economics  Doctorate;
Geography (M.A., M.Sc.)  Master;
Geography  Doctorate;
Political Science  Master;
Political Science  Doctorate;
Linguistics  Master;
Linguistics  Doctorate;
Psychology - Industrial/Organizational  Master;
Psychology - Brain and Cognitive Science  Doctorate;
Sociology  Master;
Sociology  Doctorate;
Social Work  Master;Distance;
Social Work  Doctorate;
Education - Curriculum and Learning (M.A. or M.Sc.)  Master;
Education - Curriculum and Learning  Doctorate;
Education - Educational Technology (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Sustainable Energy Development (Quito, Ecuador and Calgary)  Master;
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering  Doctorate;
Mathematics and Statistics (Course)  Master;
Mathematics and Statistics  Doctorate;
Physics and Astronomy  Doctorate;
Education - Educational Technology (M.A. or M.Sc.)  Master;
Physics and Astronomy  Master;
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Military and Strategic Studies  Master;Co-op;
Education - Adult Learning (M.A.)  Master;
Education - Adult Learning  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Biomedical Engineering  Doctorate;
Psychology - Clinical  Doctorate;
Psychology - Clinical  Master;
Spanish  Doctorate;
Chemical Engineering  Doctorate;
Petroleum Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Counselling  Master;Online; Distance;
Education - School and Applied Child Psychology (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Education - Adult Learning (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Energy and Environmental Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Education - Counselling Psychology (M.Sc.)  Master;
Drama (MFA Theatre Studies)  Master;
Petroleum Engineering  Doctorate;
Petroleum Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Education - Counselling Psychology (M.A.)  Master;
Education - Counselling Psychology  Doctorate;
Education - Curriculum and Learning (M.Ed.)  Master;Online;
Environmental Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Energy and Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Reservoir Characterization Interdisciplinary (M.Eng.)  Master;
Civil Engineering (M.Eng. Thesis)  Master;
Civil Engineering (M.Eng. Course)  Master;
Drama (MFA Design and Technical Theatre)  Master;
Education - Educational Technology (Ed.D.)  Doctorate;Online; Distance;
Education - Educational Technology (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Education - Teaching English as an Additional Language (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Chemical Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Software Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Communication and Culture  Master;
Computer Science (Software Engineering)  Master;
Petroleum Exploration Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Environmental Design  Doctorate;
Communication and Culture  Doctorate;
Drama (MFA Playwrighting)  Master;
Education - Adult Learning (Ed.D.)  Doctorate;Online; Distance;
Education - Leadership (Ph.D.)  Doctorate;
Biomedical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Chemical Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Software Engineering  Doctorate;
Music (Composition)  Doctorate;
Computer Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Geoscience  Master;
Mathematics and Statistics (Thesis)  Master;
Musicology  Doctorate;
History and Philosophy of Science  Master;
Social Work  Master;
Geoscience  Doctorate;
Music (Performance--Vocal and Instrumental)  Master;
Environmental Engineering  Doctorate;
Economics (Course)  Master;
French  Doctorate;
Energy and Environmental Engineering  Doctorate;
Greek and Roman Studies  Doctorate;
Military and Strategic Studies  Doctorate;Co-op;
Philosophy (Course)  Master;
Philosophy of Religion  Master;
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Musicology  Master;
Music (Performance--Conducting)  Master;
Software Engineering (M.Eng.)  Master;
Geomatics Engineering (M.Sc.)  Master;
Kinesiology (M.Sc.)  Master;
Education - Adult, Community and Higher Education (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Education - Leading and Teaching in High Poverty Schools (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Education - Mathematics-for-Teaching (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Education - Language and Diversity  Doctorate;
Education - Language and Diversity (Ed.D)  Doctorate;Online; Distance;
Education - Leading for Learning (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Education - Integral Curriculum Development (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
Education - Curriculum and Learning (Ed.D)  Doctorate;Online; Distance;
Education - Interdisciplinary Studies (M.Ed.)  Master;Online;
Education - Language and Diversity (M.Ed.)  Master;Online;
Education - Language and Diversity (M.A.)  Master;
Psychology - Brain and Cognitive Science  Master;
Public Policy  Master;
Interdisciplinary  Doctorate;
Interdisciplinary (M.A. or M.Sc.)  Master;
Psychology - Social and Theoretical  Master;
Psychology - Social and Theoretical  Doctorate;
Environmental Design (Planning)  Master;
Psychology - Industrial/Organizational  Doctorate;
Biomedical Technology  Master;
Geographic Information Systems  Master;
Education - Leadership (M.Ed.)  Master;Online;
Neuroscience  Master;
Neuroscience  Doctorate;
Education - Leadership (Ed.D.)  Doctorate;Online;
Education - Leadership (M.A.)  Master;
Education - Work and Learning (M.Ed.)  Master;Online; Distance;
University of Calgary - Faculty of Nursing
Graduate School Alberta Nursing  Doctorate;
Post-Master's Nurse Practionier  Post-diploma;
Nursing (Thesis)  Master;
MN - Nurse Practitioner  Master;
Nursing (Course-Based)  Master;
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