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Law and Social Justice

Program Information
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Degree: Master
Field of Study: Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General (Graduate Level)
Description The field of law and social justice integrates two areas of intellectual inquiry: Analysis and critique of the role of law in the development and maintenance of social, political and economic inequality. This critical perspective focuses in particular on historically marginalized groups such as women; those facing socio-economic disadvantage; immigrants and refugees; linguistic, ethnic, religious and racial minorities; aboriginal peoples; those with mental and physical disabilities; sexual minorities; the young and the aged; Investigation of the potential of law to be an instrument for social change when it is employed to ensure the just distribution of resources (financial, material and human), or to increase the social, economic and political equality of Canadians. The LL.M. with concentration in Law and Social Justice supports scholarship dedicated to examining the limits and possibilities of law and of different legal theories in promoting social justice.
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Length: 2 Year(s)
Cost per year:


Last Updated: August 18, 2012