Memorial University of Newfoundland - Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine
Room 1751, Health Sciences Centre
St. John's, NL
Canada A1B 3V6

Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Program Information
Faculty: Medicine
Degree: Doctorate
Field of Study: Immunology
Description The Immunology Research Group has an interdisciplinary character and consists of faculty from basic medical sciences, clinical sciences and oncology research of the Faculty of Medicine. Research laboratories are housed within the Health Sciences Centre, which also provides for laboratories performing research in other basic science discipline, and contains the General Hospital and the Health Sciences Library. This setting provides an excellent opportunity for collaborative interactions between scientists and easy access to the published source materials. Students in the PhD program in immunology are required to pass a comprehensive examination according to the general regulations governing graduate studies at Memorial University. The comprehensive examination consists of written and oral components. The areas to be covered range from the general to those more specific to the research topic of the students and are determined by the examination committee appointed by the School of Graduate Studies.
Website: Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Memorial University of Newfoundland - Faculty of Medicine
Thesis Based? Yes
Length: 4 Year(s)
Cost per year:


Last Updated: August 16, 2012