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Food and Bioproduct Sciences

Program Information
Faculty: College of Graduate Studies and Research
Degree: Doctorate
Field of Study: Microbiology, GeneralPhysical Sciences
Description The Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences provides the Agri-food and Bioresources industries with highly trained graduates and innovative research solutions for exploiting existing and emerging opportunities for the agriculture sector. Our interdisciplinary teaching approach provides Canadian and International students with the advanced knowledge and understanding of agricultural outputs and by- and co-products (proteins, carbohydrates/fibre and lipids), processing, genetic engineering and microbial biotechnology that can be then tailored to the areas of food science and technology, biomaterials, biotechnology and bio-energy. Our researchers are at the forefront of food and bioproducts research in Canada, and are recognized internationally for their specialties in food for health, food chemistry, processing, microbial biotechnology, authenticity, nanotechnology, meat science and bio-energy. With our faculty complement filling strategic target areas within the area of food and bioproducts, undergraduate and graduate students have access to one of the best interdisciplinary educational and research opportunities offered from a research-intensive university in Canada. Our department provides a research continuum by traditional agriculture sciences to value-added industrial technologies.
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Last Updated: August 21, 2012