Trinity School of Medicine

Ratho Mill
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines PO Box 885

Trinity offers a new path to opportunity for prospective physicians who thrive in an environment of small classes, personal attention from faculty, and a curriculum that integrates clinical experience into the first four semesters.

Because of Trinity’s affiliation with a 220-bed teaching hospital, clinical experience begins in the first term—reinforcing the core curriculum through engagement with patients, physicians and the treatment process—and continues through term five at the St. Vincent campus.

Students benefit from one of the lowest student to teacher ratios available in the Caribbean. The lectures and labs at Trinity are small and accommodating, providing a unique level of personal attention. Trinity’s faculty and students work together to establish a mutually supportive learning community—an educational partnership from which both benefit, and to which both contribute.

Areas of Expertise

Trinity provides students with a comprehensive USMLE Step 1 preparation program designed to increase performance on the exam. At the conclusion of each term, the program reinforces the most frequently tested USMLE concepts taught in the given term and shows students how to apply what they are learning, as they are learning.

Additionally, students can take advantage of personal, supplemental instruction from individual tutors, increasing their opportunity to be well prepared for the next phase—seventy five weeks of clinical clerkships required for Step 2 of the USMLE and for licensure in the United States and Canada.



Last Updated: Sep. 06, 2013