St. Stephen's University

8 Main Street
St. Stephen, NB
Canada E3L 3E2

Students choose St. Stephen's University (SSU) for its unique combination of distinctive factors. These include the fact that it is a provincially chartered Christian university, that it has chosen to remain small to create a highly personalized learning or growing environment, and that St. Stephen's University has taken the walls off the classroom by its commitment to international travel opportunities for all students. SSU offers a very favourable four-to-one student-to-teacher ratio and class sizes that seldom exceed 20 students. Over 75% of the faculty have earned doctorates and students and professors are on a first name basis. And although the school is striving for excellence in everything it does, its highest goal is to see the formation of Christ-like character in all students.

Areas of Expertise

In the Liberal Arts program, integration rather than fragmentation characterizes the curriculum. Majors exist in History, Literature, Religious Studies / Ancient History, Philosophy, and Biblical Studies / Ministry; Honours is offered in Interdisciplinary Studies. All students participate in two full terms of travel and study in Europe and in Africa or Asia as part of their course at no extra cost beyond the normal tuition fees.

The graduate level Ministry Studies programs are designed to provide a "non-traditional" preparation for full- or part-time involvement in Christian ministry. Although the academic standards are high, the real objective is to help equip mature disciples to become more effective builders of God's Kingdom. The school offers a Masters of Ministry or Christian Studies both residentially and by Module. SSU also hosts the Institute for Emerging and Contemporary Worship Studies for both beginner and experienced worship leaders.



Last Updated: Aug. 09, 2016