University of Manitoba - Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine
Room 260 - 2nd Floor Brodie Centre, 727 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3E 3P5

The Faculty of Medicine began life in 1883 as the Manitoba Medical College. Winnipeg had been transformed from a sleepy, fur trading village into a raw, rowdy, bustling frontier city floating on a lake of Red River gumbo. Among its population of 20,000 young people, bent on finding fortune in railways and land, there were a few would be medical students and a cadre of highly competent and dedicated young doctors. After much lobbying and skillful diplomacy, the necessary ingredients were put in place and the first lecture delivered on November 21, 1883. In 1919, the College became a Faculty within the University of Manitoba. As the first and for several decades the only medical school in western Canada, the College and later the Faculty attracted a large portion of its student body from the other western provinces.

Areas of Expertise

For the first 75 years of its history, the Faculty was almost exclusively devoted to undergraduate training leading to the Doctor of Medicine degree, but beginning in the 1950s, the scope of its programs and activities grew rapidly. The Faculty is now a major centre of medical education and research linked to sister institutions throughout Canada and the world. It offers a full range of undergraduate and post-graduate programs embracing basic biomedical sciences, clinical medicine, and population health.



Last Updated: Aug. 13, 2011