Western University - Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Schulich Dentistry
1151 Richmond Street, Room 1003
London, ON
Canada N6A 5C1

Western’s four year Doctor of Dental Surgery program enables students to possess the knowledge and skills to conduct a superior general practice, as well as the scientific background necessary for continued professional and intellectual growth, vital skills for today’s dentists.

As dental practices change, the curriculum in the Doctor of Dental Surgery program evolves to reflect those changes. The first two years of the program introduce students to basic sciences necessary for future study, as well as the clinical methods of dentistry. First year courses include dental biochemistry, anatomy, restorative dentistry, and physiology. Second year courses prepare the student dentist for introduction to the Dental Clinic and hospital settings. In the third and fourth years, an increasing amount of time is devoted to the treatment of patients and attendance at clinics in various specialties, including oral surgery, while continuing with applied basic science courses. The school also offers a three year graduate program leading to a Master of Clinical Dentistry-Orthodontics.



Last Updated: Aug. 08, 2015