Laurentian University/Université Laurentienne - Faculty of Management

Faculty of Management
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, ON
Canada P3E 2C6

The objective of Laurentian University post-graduate studies in management is to provide an integrated management education using case method instruction and experience oriented situations, which require the use of effective management skills and techniques.

Laurentian offers three graduate programs in management through the Faculty of Management, the Master of Business Administration degree (M.B.A.), the Pre-Masters in Business Administration (Pre-M.B.A.), and the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

The Pre-M.B.A. program is for students who have the academic prerequisites for the M.B.A. program, but lack the linguistic skills and the test results (i.e. TOEFL or GMAT) to enter the M.B.A. program directly. The program is a one year, non-degree program. Successful completion of the Pre-M.B.A. program and a satisfactory score on GMAT will ensure the student’s admission to the M.B.A. program.

Areas of Expertise

M.B.A. and Pre-M.B.A.



Last Updated: Nov. 19, 2015