University of Manitoba - I.H. Asper School of Business

I.H. Asper School of Business
324 Drake Centre
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3T 2N2

For almost 45 years, the Asper School of Business has been championing and leading MBA education here in Manitoba. Our commitment and passion is to provide our graduates the essential understandings and skills to succeed in today’s complex and fast-changing global business environment. The Asper MBA provides:

- the forum for professional growth

- the network to access new opportunities

- the understandings and skills to lead an enterprise

- the passion to better your community

- the drive to take the lead and make a difference!

Areas of Expertise

The Asper MBA program has one goal: to arm you with the skills, knowledge and experience you need to excel in the real world of business. By joining the Asper MBA, you gain:

- Management expertise to meet the challenges of today’s competitive global market

- A deeper sense of ethics, social responsibility and public service

- Perspectives that make you an exceptional problem solver, critical thinker and decision-maker

- The ability to present your vision clearly and effectively, and the confidence to inspire others

- A profound sense of personal and professional achievement



Last Updated: Feb. 29, 2016