Dalhousie University - Rowe School of Business

Rowe School of Business
6100 University Avenue, Suite 2086
Halifax, NS
Canada B3H 3J5

The Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University is committed to the success of its students. Small classes provide maximum interaction with instructors, as well as an opportunity for participants to develop lifelong personal and professional associations with other students from diverse educational, professional, and cultural backgrounds.

Courses are taught through a variety of methods including case studies, lectures and discussions, simulations and research activities, as well as domestic and international field projects. Students may compete in various nationwide M.B.A. competitions and also have an opportunity to take part in one of three consulting firms owned and operated by students.

Areas of Expertise

Program Options (2007-2008)
The M.B.A. is as a two year program for those with an undergraduate degree from any discipline.

The foundation courses studied in the first year of the two year program explore business disciplines and functions in areas such as quantitative decision making, economics, management information systems, marketing management, accounting, finance, and managing people.

The second year of the M.B.A. allows students to continue towards a broad based management degree or concentrate in a particular area of interest. Concentrations offered include international business, finance, and marketing. Students also have the option of concentrating their degree in a specialty from another school, such as health services, public administration, library and information studies, or environmental and resource management.

Students who wish to study abroad may apply for one of Dalhousie's exchange programs to Sweden, Mexico, France, Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, or Denmark.

Combined Programs
The Faculty of Law and the School of Business offer a combined, full-time, four year M.B.A./LL.B. program option. Dalhousie also offers a three year combined M.B.A. and M.H.S.A. (Health Services Administration) program, a three year M.B.A./M.L.I.S. (Library and Information Studies) program, and a two year M.B.A./M.Eng. program (Engineering). Interested students must meet the admission requirements of both faculties and apply separately to both.



Last Updated: Mar. 07, 2016